Missing Graphics and Landmarks

Excuse me! How come there’s missing landmarks or buildings in some cities like Dubai? How do you fix those issues?

Which landmark, could you give a few examples? I’m very familiar with Dubai and Sharjah, I loved my experience flying over these cities and it was spot on. Some of the new ones could be missing or may have permission/ licensing pending or waiting to be handcrafted. Try downloading a high quality cache from options for any particular location. In Abu Dhabi I could see the mangrove forest was missing and was looking forward to flying over it but maybe in the next bing update it could come over to the sim.

For example The Emirates Mall, Emirates Towers and many more. I’ve seen these issues also in other countries and cities.

Would be very challenging to do that for every city, for specifics like those oerhaps we need to get payware like fly tampa etc I guess. But Emirates towers should have been there tho with the Etisalat tower near by… a very important aspect of the skyline of the city. Agree on that.

So does it mean payware is gonna take care of that? Ok that’s fine

Btw do you get sound issues on the sim. Cause that too occurs on mine unless I gotta change some settings or something?

Sound seems to be okay for me - had ATC missing some transmission but overall it seems to be smooth. The ATC issue got resolved with disabling VHF signal degradation.

Also how is Palm Jumeirah rendering for you? I took the Icon A5 and it just seems like a barren place and even the atlantis isn’t there - just an overlay of the satellite image.

Palm Jumeirah needs to be updated too a little some homes aren’t fully there. I mean it’s not fully pictured other than that the shape is fine etc.