Missing ILS at inibuilds EGLL since last update

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[/wrap] The IlS has vanished since the last update? If I uninstall the inibuilds EGLL it works, but on reintallation it vanishes again? Any ideas please.

Hi @VAUGHAN269 ,

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In addition, Gatwick now has two control towers, some distance apart and not identical, does that indicate a common problem?
It did take over six hours to download SU15.
If I wipe the whole thing and reinstall, will I loose my flight log of 2450 hours?

I don’t think you need to reinstall the whole because of that issue. Maybe you can uninstall/reinstall the Inibuilds scenery and test again. If issue still there, check Inibuilds forum and/or report your issue to them.

You should not lose your flight log, see that post:

Title & description updated for better clarity.

Great, thank you for the advice!
I did uninstall the inibuilds EGLL and re install it, but I’ll try it once more before I take drastic action.
I’m better at flying than I am with the intricacies of the PC!

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Finally ditched the Inibuilds EGLL, the ILS is now working fine at Heathrow, I can live without seeing the Concord parked up near 27L!

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ils at all runways fine for me at inibuilds Heathrow, by the way ILS is not IFR just fyi

Thanks, it was a typo, my mistake, now edited!:+1:
I found out that I have the same issue at LFMN (Nice) as well.
All this was fine before SU15, does anyone have any ideas?

No issue on my side at LFMN with both ILS. Have you tried with your community folder empty ?

No, does that just involve renaming it? I have a shortcut to the desktop ( excuse my ignorance in these matters!)

Yes, you can rename it so that a new empty community folder will be created at next sim startup. Then after your test, to activate back your community folder with your addons, just delete the empty one and rename the other as it originally was “Community” and restart the sim.

Excellent, thank you for your clarification! I’ll give this a go and report back! :+1:

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So, I’ve completely removed MSFS2020. Cleaned up the PC. Done a fresh install, everything back to normal, but still no ILS at Heathrow? It seems fine everywhere else, Edinburgh, Nice, Pisa?
I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Iniscene EGLL, but still nothing?
Any ideas please, pulling my hair out here and there’s not much left!

Final solution.
Completely removed MSFS2020 and all associated files.
Massive PC clean up, reinstalled everything and still no ILS at EGLL.
After a long process of elimination, it’s definitely Inis ene EGLL that was the root cause!
Now removed ( a pity) but everything else is now working 100% as it should do! :+1:


Not really a solution since you cannot use your addon :frowning: , but hopefully it will be fixed soon or someone has a solution. Have you received a reply from Inibuilds to your report ?

No, it doesn’t solve the problem, but at least I can ‘fly’ again without having the niggle. I’m now pretty sure that it has nothing to do with my set up.
Nothing from Inibuilds, but I wasn’t really expecting it.

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