Missing ILS ESNZ

ILS is missing at Åre-Östersund Airport (RWY 12) in the World map.
Steam version
No developer mode
When I first started experiencing this issue: after udate 7

I can’t confirm or deny your particular situation, but I will say that in previous versions of msfs, it wasn’t unusual to have missing ILS data.

There is no worldwide database of all navigation aids. If you license the set from Jeppesen (as Navigraph does), or Lufthansa Data Systems (as Aerosoft does) you get the set they create for their clients and that is always culled to avoid it getting too large. For example, you will very likely miss a lot of the navaids from the newer Chinese airports (they seem to open one every week) because there are simply no international flights to those airports. Sometimes you find a whole section suddenly missing in a new revision. We had that for whole parts of Canada a few years back. Not bugs, just not ‘needed’ in the dataset.

Now I do not know exactly what datasets Microsoft gets, but I have seen it differ from update to update, so I expect they are also using not a complete set (if there is such a thing) but one that is created for clients. And those are simply not complete. Check if this is a rather short runway, those are often the first to go.

It could also just be a bug. There ARE bugs in navdata sets used in aircraft. Ask any pilot. A while back there was a whopper in the set for EDDF, not really a smallish airport, right?

Sorry but thats not correct.

at least Jeppesen and Lufthansa Systems databases contain all Navaids worldwide and they are not restricted to only those which are used by their customers opposed to NavBlue which Microsoft is using. China is a special case as they only publish international data.

Mentioned Östersund ILS would be included in both Jeppesen and Lufthansa Systems databases. To get it into MSFS you would need to buy a subscription at Navigraph.

Probably Microsoft made that decision primarily based on the price point rather than most complete database and thats why we are now seeing NavBlue and not Jeppesen or Lufthansa Systems as default database provider. So if one misses something in his prefered area of flying, he then needs to switch the database provider.

FMS is AWOL since last upgrade, including A320, CJ4 and Longitude, also with working mods.

Also LFMN is missing 2 ILS. I have Navigraph - no cure. Only LittleNavMap helps in this case :slight_smile:

ILS RNW 12 is available for IFR flight in the World Map, as well as displayed on the VFR map for that airport:

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