Missing in-game content what should I do?

Dear Members,

Today I installed the sim on a M.2 SSD. 95GB has been installed. I started the simulator but my airplanes missing (original) No live event, No training missions, Live weather is missing… I can’t choose airliners, only 2 planes are choosable. I think a big amount of in-game content is missing. Also crashes when I wanted to edit a flight with A320nx installed.

What should I do?


Search is your friend. Check first in the Content Manager, you might find your missing content needing to be downloaded and installed?


What you should do? => use the search


I installed remaining content but its says newer game version is required to update. But no update at all

It means there’s a new patch coming next week, and you can’t update that content until you install the patch first. There’s been a lot of posts about this on the forum.

There is also a FAQ about both of your questions.

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I take solace in knowing that there is a reason behind this, thank you guys!

Do you think this upcoming patch may be affecting the game currently?

I’m having issues opening the general menu.