Missing KJXN

When I first bought this, I downloaded and installed some Michigan scenery for KJXN and others in MI. After installing, I found that the airport (KJXN) had no runway lights and some other strange things with the scenery, so I deleted it. This is where I did RW flight training several years ago. Now, KJXN no longer shows up on the map or in the ATC menu. I uninstalled MSFS2020 and re-installed it, yet the airport is still missing.

Is this airport missing for everyone? And if not, where did mine go and why wont it show up after a complete MSFS re-install? (yes, I tried first checking file integrity in Steam. It didnt work so I just re-installed).

Where is KJXN, a class D airspace? Missing?

By default, KJXN is not in MSFS, but you can find it there, and put it in your community

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Awesome. Glad to know it isn’t something I did. KJXN not on the sim is very weird. It’s kind of a “bigger” airport around here. I wonder how many other airports are missing I havent found yet. Thanks for the link.

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It’s still not showing up. I put it (sb-airport-kjxn-jackson-county) in the community folder. It doesn’t show on the map/globe.

The KJXN mod works well for me. I installed it, just to see.
have a good day
KJXN (1)

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Hi @ExpiredSpy56910,
This airport has been noted it is missing and has been reported to zendesk.

If an airport is missing, first look at this list to see if it has been reported:

If it is not on that list, report the missing airport to zendesk and then post in that topic the identifier, name, and coordinates.

Thank you!

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Ok, got it. My problem (if you care):

I was of the understanding that the community folder could go anywhere and I had to make it. I had it on my desktop and the sim wasn’t finding it. Odd though, that I had put liveries in this desktop folder and they showed up and worked. I found my community folder in the AppData/Roaming/MicrosoftFlightSimulator/Packages. Once I put the scenery folder mentioned above in there, it worked and now shows up. Thanks everyone.

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