Missing landmark icon?

This was interesting. I was making a flight from a Swiss small airport to Munich Airport. Coming from the direction I was, I would pass over the Bayern Munchen Arena (the Allianz Arena the one that looks like a woven basket) so I switched on the landmark indicator so not to miss it. Indeed there it was nicely modeled.
However I also noted in Little NavMap that I was passing over the location of the WW2 Dachau Concentration Camp, but there is no landmark in MSFS.
Maybe there should be? I am not sure if it is modeled not seeing any indication.
So I was wondering, are there any landmark icons anywhere in MSFS for such places ? I dont remember seeing any.
A policy decision?

why is my post greyed out? it was a genuine question.

Not greyed out here. I can read and see it. I’m not knowledgeable enough to answer.

Political correctness would be my guess.

I just looked at my own posts. If I look under the topic where it was posted my post is greyed out. It will pop up if I get a reply, so it is still there. I think the forum thinks there’s no reason to show it to you until there’s some reason.