Missing military airports in France, etc


why are so many military airports missing? I miss Orange airbase, Cazaux, Thule Airbase and many more all over the world! Will they be added later?
Many buildings are there but no runways! that makes no sense.




Just take a look at these ABs at bing maps and you will unfortunately find the answer.

Anyway there is data to display the airbases.
If not done by bing it could be inserted in another way.
X-plane has it too.

You can try out Navigraph. They add the missing airports, as well as procedures

Navigraph can place runways?

Unfortunately, the presence and corresponding positions of air bases are classified as state secrets in some countries, so they may be deliberately hidden in satellite images. Even if you found them, it may be illegal to make and put them in the game

X-plane uses them all too!

I’m sorry, what do you mean in saying X-plane “uses” airports? Do you mean that X-plane has the airports and their runways in their default database (not addons)?

IOW “X-plane has all these airports, why doesn’t MSFS?”