Missing most important items in 40th Anniversary Edition

I have version I’ve done the latest major Update and on the opening screen it says “2 gliders” and “7 glider tutorials”. It also mentions 24 Legacy activities.

I DO have a 40th Anniversary section with 13 not 24 activities from earlier MSFS versions. In the Aircraft section I have (43 aircraft) Gliders (0) and nowhere can I find the glider tutorials.

Similarly I have no Airbus A310, Jenny, Douglas, Grummman and Spruce goose.
In the Content Manager the only updates are for World updates, none for aircraft.

I have the PC Steam Delux version. The time zone on my computer is correct. I have restarted MFSF2020 several times but it’s not updated any further. I also have 357 GB free on my drive.

Can anyone shed a light on this? Thanks in advance

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Have you tried going to the content manager and making sure you have also updated additional content from there?

Edit and I’m am blind because you said that right there in your post…. :roll_eyes:

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“Edit and I’m am blind because you said that right there in your post…. :roll_eyes:

Ha ha … yes, I tend to do the same and skim messages. No, nothing in content manager. I dread having to uninstall and reinstall hundreds of GB’s only to get the same result.

Just as a point to start from, Have taken a look to see if the folders/files for the missing aircraft (to begin with) are on your system, but not being “picked up” by the sim?

Seems like a good idea. Thanks. I have the Steam version and the only ac folders I can find are in … …\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\SimObjects
Inside there I cannot see any new ac. Each ac folder here only contains a small .cfg file. Also in this folder is an “Airplanes folder” with a repeat list of ac folders, also containing a small .cfg file. but I do see a “microsoft_a310_300” and a “Microsoft_Wright_Flyer” which don’t show up in the Sim.

In …AppData\Local\Packages\ There isn’t a folder for Microsoft.Flightsimulator probably because mine is through Steam.
Thanks for the response.

I’m not on steam (for this sim), but I know I’ve seen some info on where they are. I look around. I know on the store version the files are all listed as something like Asobo****wrightflyer. Or Microsoft ****wrightfler. With version number or something where the *’s are.

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Packages folder should be under \AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages for Steam version.


In that path I do have a folder called “Packages” . Inside there is a folder called microsoft-aircraft-a310-300 and microsoft-aircraft-wright-flyer both of which ac I cannot see within the sim.

Thanks but no idea how to resolve this problem. I did send a ticket and the team is suggesting the help pages related to this problem, the solutions to which I 've tried unsuccessfully.

Since it appears You have the A310 files, does the aircraft show up in content manager? Wonder what would happen if you selected it there, then deleted. When you restart the sim, it should update for the missing aircraft and it might then show up in your list of aircraft in the sim.
Just FYI, If it happened to pick them up, the glider tutorials are under training.
This is just really strange that it did pick some new things up and either disregarded others that it downloaded, or didn’t download all of the new content.
I’m sure tech support already had you sign out of the sim and xbox app, and then re-sign in and start the sim to see if it loads correctly.
This is definitely a bit of a stumper!

No definitely doesn’t appear in content manager. there I had just half a dozen World Updates which I know, not related to my problem, I did update these as well and now have nothing to update in content manager at all.
Just out of curiosity, how many Legacy activities do you have in the 40th Anniversary Section? My opening screen says 24 but I only have 13.

I do have a pre-40th Anniversary image of my C drive done through Macrium severy months ago. I am almost tempted to revert to that so that the Sim may update properly but it would mean other inconveniences.

I wish someone knew how to reinitialize this last update!


I have all 24 activities showing on my system. That’s just another mystifying point as to why it’s showing at least some of them on your system but didn’t pick up all of them.
I’m still looking at things, but just don’t see any reason it’s hit or miss on why the sim picked up some things and not others that were all in the basic 40th Anniversary update.
I’m just going to throw this out for your consideration. It obviously involves other potential issues…but you could consider opting into the current beta, which would drive an update to the newest version (1.29.30) and “MIGHT” drive it to check and update anything missing. I understand why you might not want to go that route, just throwing it out there for consideration…

It’s the answer you don’t want to hear.

It’s the troubleshooting you dread

It’s what you pray you never have to do again after you’ve done it

But you’re going to have to reinstall the sim

Will be interesting if everything is resolved by upgrading to the latest release of the sim today.

Gee Thanks for that very uplifting message.

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I was hoping for just that possibility.

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Actually I did just that a couple of days ago and I did get two AC, the A310 and the Wright but as soon as I ended the game and restarted they vanished. Legacy activities remained at 13.

Thanks for the ideas.

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well i’m just saying if you’ve exhausted every other means of attempting to download SU11 content i’m not sure what other option there is. Assuming Habu’s idea of opting into the beta doesn’t work.

Since the beta just ended and now the official version is out, we don’t even have that option.

well shoot. I figured that was the case but it was worth a shot.

No Problem!