Missing most important items in 40th Anniversary Edition

My version now reads and there was no sign of an update. Problem remains. In response to my ticket the MS team wanted to know if my version has been updated.
They also said “We will need to review the information before coming back to you. We appreciate your patience while we forward your message to our team of experts. Depending on the complexity of your question/issue, they may need several working days before being able to come back to you

I can imagine how that will go, but at least there is response from them.

I am looking at the possibility of restoring a C Drive image that I made prior to the 40th Anniversary update or better still but infinitely more work, a clean re-install of Win 10 which I do every few years anyway to clean up the garbage. I call it Computer Autophagy. :smile:

Will keep you posted. Thanks for the interest.

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By going to Content manager and searching all my installed updates for A310, Jenny, Douglas, Grummman (they all had “Up to Date” next to them), uninstalling them and then reinstalling them I managed to make them appear in the aircraft selection. As for the Spruce Goose, no matter how often I uninstall and reinstall it, it never appears in the Aircraft selection. I am now missing the Gliders, a couple of Helicopters and 11 activities from the earlier MSFS versions.

I now have a total of 47 (from 43) Aircraft in my aircraft selection. Still 0 gliders. Can anyone tell me how many there should be after this update?
Can you tell me why the Spruce Goose refuses to show (can I remove it from some folder manually?) Also, what I should search for in my 440 installed items in Content Manager to reinstall the missing items (especially the Gliders … also missing the training activities for these).
Probably not related but prior to doing this, in Steam /settings/Downloads I cleared the download cache. Then when I started the Sim, there was a very brief update, of the Launcher, I think.

Hi @prospero246
If you can list which missions you have, I’ll name the files you are missing so you can look for them.
The helo’s I have listed (just from this update) is shown as “Capbri G2 GUIMBAL by Asobo studio”, and “Model 407 BELL by microsoft/nemeth designs”

Gliders: “DG1001 NEO DG AVIATION by Microsoft/FSS AG” and “LS8-18 DG AVIATION by Asobo studio”

I’ve also got “GLIDERS COMMON Asobo by Asobo studio”,
" GLIDER LIBRARY by microsoft/fss ag", and “gliders vcockpits by Asobo studio”. “helicopters vcockpits by Asobo studio”.
I assume you were deleting/installing: “hughes H4 Hercules” file for the spruce goose. I think the one labeled “spruce goose” is the mission, as it requires the other one be installed.

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So Weird! When I restarted the Sim just now I discovered 18 instead of the 13 legacy missions.

I’ve reinstalled the 407 Bell; Guimbal;DG-1001E neo;LS8-18 and a whole bunch of Glider libraries and the Hughes. The glider training mission now shows up!! I have 2 gliders and 51 ac total. Couldn’t have done it without your help.

The Legacy Missions I now have are:

  1. Meigs Field
  2. First Flight Kitty Hawk
  3. Aleutian Cargo Run
  4. Frontier Airlines
  5. First US Airmail
  6. The Hell Stretch
  7. Caribbean Landing
  8. Alaskan Floatplane Pilot
  9. Rome-Naples run
  10. Monsoon
  11. Sitka Approaches
  12. Hong Kong at Dusk
  13. Flying Blind
  14. San Fransisco Sunset
  15. Mount rushmore
  16. Hawaiian Vacation
  17. Miami by moonlight
  18. Waimea Canyon

Strange how all the missing files showed “Up to Date” status before I removed and reinstalled them.

All I seem to be missing now are 6 missions. Thanks so much once again. If you can direct me to the missing 6 missions, this problem would have been totally fixed.

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And they said we couldn’t do it!!

In content manager, should now be able to add:
Charles Lindbergh:ny to paris by microsoft/pipeworks
Spruce Goose by microsoft/pipeworks (should load now that you have the plane
Transcontinental speed run by microsoft/pipeworks
Grand Canyon Scenic Tour by microsoft/pipeworks
kenmore to friday harbor by microsoft/pipeworks
bush trip mendenhall glacier tour by microsoft

Even though it says “bush trip” the last one actually shows up in the 40th anniversary activities
The kenmore to friday harbor will show up in the activities as San Juan Island Run


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Habu2u2Regular And they said we couldn’t do it!*! Indeed they did.

When I started the sim this morning there was an automatic update and “Free” items in the marketplace. I am not sure if this has been pushed since yesterday. among other things I had DC-3 and A-310 Enhanced versions.

I did manage, to find all the missing items you listed: the Spruce Goose missions and the Mendenhall installed properly and without any fuss. The others, I found in the installed list of Content manager but even though I repeatedly uninstalled and reinstalled and re-started the Sim, they wouldn’t show up. I then reinstalled the World Update USA (2). Still no show.

In my Legacy missions (now 21) I am now only missing three items and I’m satisfied with that. All the new aircraft show up; glider training missions are on. Let’s hope all the bug fixes that this update had also got updated properly. Ever since MS first flight sim I’ve been spending more times tweaking them than actually using them, especially FSX which had to be kept under the 4gb memory limit or the dreaded OOM (out of memory) error comes up. I was hoping this would be different. Never a problem in X-Plane!

Still this seems to be worth tinkering with, due its world realism if not flight realism as yet.
All is good now and I didn’t have to go through the nightmare of reinstalling it all.

There may be major world updates that my Content manager says Up To Date, but they are not really there, like most of these items in the SU11 update. But I don’t want to worry about that now. If something doesn’t seem correct, I’ll reinstall the area by uninstalling and reinstalling it which seems to work.

Thanks again for this. Now to withdraw my ticket and tell the team this has been more or less resolved. I am sure they’ll be happy to hear that considering all the tickets they need to deal with.


Best wishes that the rest of the things you’re due from the 40th edition show up with some update.
Sounds like you’re ready to just enjoy the sim for a while!

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Thanks for your assistance once again.

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