"Missing" Nav Data, but it "exists"

One annoyance about the missing nav data is that it is not ALWAYS missing.
For example the SB NDB at Sudbury Ontario Canada is not available if you want to add it as a waypoint on your flight plan or if you try to “direct to” it. (You can have an SB in Guinea, if you want).

But if you fly in the vicinity of Subdury, the ndb is there… it is shown on the screen… you can tune the real-world frequency of 362 and the SB morse code can be heard in the ident, and the needles are active.

But you have no way to add it as a waypoint, except within the ILS procedure to Sudbury runway 22.

I have found this issue with other NDBs. Because of the GPS adaption, many VORs and NDBs are either decommissioned or not repaired when they fail. One exception seems to be NDBs that are the Outer Marker for an ILS approach. They are no longer NDBs for navigation, now only being used as location identifiers using the same frequency. Because the NDB I wanted to use was not in the database but the OM was, I had to create a user waypoint for navigation.

This is similar to VORs that are now only DMEs on the same frequency but can’t be used as a VOR.

I have no idea why or how the decommissioned NDBs appear on the VFR Map. The VORs and DMEs are two different symbols.