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As we all know the worldwide ATC system is based on separation by time, distance and height above the ground.The more precisely an aircraft position (on an x,y,z axixs) can be determined the more a given space can be utilized Twenty plus years ago the FAA started to design what that would look like and that was based on the gps being a universal requirement for all aircraft. Tesla is not the first to invent the self driving mode but it maybe the first widely available to the general public .AS a kid growing up in the 1960s The Jetsons flying car and for those in the UK Supercar was what we thought (hoped) our future would look like The flying taxis and flying cars require an advanced navigation and collision avoidance system more sophisticated then what we have now .It is conceivable that in the next 50 years flying aircraft will require no actual human pilot . In the meantime whether the data is ground based (vor,ndb) or space based gps (and what ever is next gen) the data given to the human pilot will still be presented as it is now .When I soloed the 150 50 years ago the Cessna radios were just updated versions of 1930 and 1940s sets and the airport was uncontroled LORAN C was just for big ships and gps wer just letters in the alphabet.The Situational Awareness given by the Garmin is something this old ■■■■ never envisioned on that hot August day 50 years ago.

But that means it is a Simulator. If it was a Game, then it wouldnt matter.
There has to be a compromise.

I haven given up being a computer operator. I like to continue to be a pilot. So many like me enjoy the
flying around from VOR/DME to VOR/DME in Cessnas or small planes yes even with Steam gauges.
If all I have to do is program a computer and then just get my sandwiches out and watch the screen, I am sure this is very interesting in a real cockpit
at 35000 FT but behind my computer, this is just about boring as hell.
Maybe MSFS should have multiple modes.

It’s a simulator.
Always has been.
Hence the name Microsoft Flight Simulator
It does have a lot of different “modes”

you probably misunderstood my meaning. There is a thought that the simulator world should reflect real life. Well if that continues then indeed VOR flying without GPS purely on ‘steam’ instruments wont be possible. But if it is purely a Game, then it wouldnt matter as a Game need not reflect reality as we can see from many Games around now. If half of them reflect real life then this world is in big trouble, specially as far as some driving is concerned.
I agree it is a Simulator but maybe there should be a ‘Game’ mode where VOR transmitters continue to exist.
Look this isnt a serious issue but removing all those facilities in favour of only GPS will remove more from this simulator experience then just the VORs.

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IRL there are a number of VORs that will not be decommissioned. They will remain operational to provide backup navigation in the event of GPS failure or jamming.

Not all VORs are going away. In the USA over 450 will remain. Still plenty of opportunities to practice VOR navigation.


Like I said, if they ever get phased out to the point of becoming unusable, I fullly expect a freeware and/or payware mod to become available to add them back in.

MS/Asobo have been pretty clear on creating the ‘digital twin’, so they’ll keep pace with the real world (as much as possible, data permitting etc).

The dependency that drives NavData is Airbus NavBlue, who provides the stock sim with that information. NavBlue is in the business of providing real world NavData, so it will reflect trends in the actual aviation environment. Less VORs in IRL = less VORs in sim with every AIRAC update.

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