Missing planes after install and updates

Hello to every body,

I have reinstalled many times FS2020 on my computer (due to bugs during the updates) and now I can see that many planes (A320NEO, King Air, Cap 10, DR 400, and many others) are missing…

Could you please help me to understand why and find a solution to get them back on the simulator?


You should get them via content manager

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Have you restarted the sim after the update was done?

I tried but still missing planes, when I have a look on the content manager everything is ok, but on the store I have the message that Premium Deluxe is actually not availlable ?! Don’t understand why… That’s the version I paid for!

Yes I restarted the sim AND the Computer, now when I launch via the microsoft Store it crashes!

I reinstalled the sim 5 times, it takes days and days, now “ENOUGH”!!! It’s getting me on my nerves!

Are you logged into MSFS2020 with the same Account you purchased?

Yes the account is the same, nothing has changed

what exactly is shown in the content manager?

Is your store up to date ?

There are all the datas with planes etc. when I try to upload each by each, there is an “echec message” that appear. On one item there is written “will be download next launch of the sim” but even if I quit a relaunch that’s the same…

yes… but does it show the individual package as ‘up-to-date’ or not?

Yes, some are working when launched individualy, not all

ive got the exact same issue. got only the tbm and cessna 152. also brought the most expensive version. sick of this game ngl


I upgraded to the premium deluxe rebooted etc even did a total reinstall. I am still missing some planes.

In the content manager the planes are there but it says uptodate but no version number and when I select it there is no download button. I am also
Seeing in the dependencies that the following content is required to run properly: fs-base-propdefs - Required version 0.1.2

I just did a 90+Gb update what could I be missing? Anyone know how to get that update??

Clear your controller settings and it will work. However I only have 2 planes now, have to work this out. What a crock this program is!

I’m in the same boat. I upgraded to Premium Deluxe from the Game Pass edition. Reinstalled from the Microsoft Store, signed in with my Microsoft account, yes the same used to purchase the upgrade.
When the new content wasn’t showing up I did a complete reinstall, but instead of finding more content I only had two planes and a handful of airports. Can I say how disappointing that is? Extremely.
I would expect this content manager to do an integrity check and alert me of, or automatically resolve any missing content.
I’ll try to be patient because I know once this thing is finally installed it is really freaking amazing.

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Installed the latest version fresh. I have only the TBM and one other plane… and all challenges and extra stuff is greyed out. No bush flights for example.

Did I mention I hate the installer?

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I have exactly the same problem. I also lost aircrafts and left with two aircrafts. Most of the game options were blocked.

I have the same issue only have two aircraft. I have the premium version! Tried everything I know to retrieve them and nothing!

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I’m using the standard game pass version with the same issue. The original launch version install on my SATA SSD had all the standard edition planes. Since uninstalling and getting 2 different m.2 drives I’ve been missing all planes except two. Both installs are post-launch and have included patches (the original install did get patched and was fine before un-install). Since I’ve installed 2 different m.2 drives and had to re-download the game twice each install has had the same 2 planes only. This seems to be a software bug in the patch from what I can gather.