Missing registration C152 Aerobat

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I’m not sure when this first manifest, as I have not used the specific aircraft for a while.

I find that I am unable to see a custom aircraft registration on the fuselage of the Cessna 152 aerobat. Yes I can type it into the customization box, but nothing appears on the side of the aircraft when the sim is launched. Strangely, my custom registration does appear on the instrument panel.

Anybody able to confirm this?

Make sure you don’t have any mods for that or the standard C152 in your Community folder and try again. If that’s not it, try removing and reinstalling via the Content Manager.

Zero mods. Recent update through content manager of the Deluxe items. But thank you for replying, it is much appreciated.

I’ve seen this recently on the side of the DR400 of another pilot in Multi-Player
The registration area was replaced by a plain white rectangle. I thought at first of only a temporarily bug and didn’t payed attention to it that much, so reading here today, I just want to add this info to this thread

I don’t think you ever see the registration on either AI or multiplayer - the only time I’ve ever seen it is on my own plane.

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Thank you for your comment. The lack of registration is common when it comes to Ai and multiplayer sadly. But I have never seen it missing on the player’s aircraft until recently with the Aerobat.

That is my experience too. Which is why having the Aerobat devoid of registration as the player is so strange.

I’ve seen this on my aircraft also - the DR400 and DR250 mod. It just sometimes completely disappears!

These were just a couple of minutes apart. I think I adjusted some controls sensitivity settings from the menu between them.

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