Missing textures depending on angle of view

Dear all,

I have a problem for months now. In VR I have missing textures depending on the angle of view.

Here are my examples:

With fenix, I can see through the logo lights (I see ground) when I am looking the plane from above. So, there is a hole in the plane.

With pmdg 737-700 the beacon lights disappear when I am looking the plane from a low angle (e.g from ground level).

With A310 the inside of the fuselage is missing when I look the plane from a high angle. I can see the landing gears through the passenger windows, there is no cabin floor.

This is with VR only. Reinstalling the planes didn’t work. I have a lot of livery, most of it installed via the official way (with PMDG and Fenix livery manager). All of it has this problem.

Any thoughts?

Hello! With the A310, does this issue occur with default liveries, or is there a particular default livery we can check for missing textures?

For the Fenix and PMDG 737, please report this issue to the corresponding dev teams. Thanks!

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It is there with all of my liveries (default and community made also). In flat screen it is good, but in VR the issue is always there (with DX11 and DX12 also). Thanks!


Okay, thank you so much for the extra info!

@bala4410 , when logging bug reports in the future, please don’t delete the bug template. It is there for a reason. Thank you.

Could you please provide a video or screenshot of the issue, specifically with the A310? Thank you.

Thanks for posting these. Could you kindly open these in MS Paint and circle the issue? Unfortunately, I’m having a hard time seeing it.

You can see the concrete through the windows, there is no cabin floor texture or cabin texture at all.

Thank you!

Unable to reproduce in Sim Update 13: Release Notes - Sim Update 13 [] Available Now