Missing VORs since SU9

Can not seem to receive VOR signals ever since SU9 update.
This includes analog instruments and glass panel.
I do not recall changing anything on my end.
Anyone experiencing this problem?

Also, can’t get Airspace markings to show up on the big map or the gps screen

Perplexed and frustrated

weird, I had no such issue (nor on xbox or pc). On what airplane/gps you cannot see them?

Every single airplane, no what. One clue is that on the world map, when I turn on
The navigation points, nothing shows up. No airspace markings, no Navaids, no Fix and RNAV position reports.

Maybe that’s the problem. For example if you have addons that a sim update breaks, you need to change that on your end.

Sounds like your NavData is corrupted. Are you a Navigraph user?


Uninstalled all navigraph, then reinstalled and everything is working.
Thanks for the help. Everyone.

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