Missing Waypoints A310?

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Just trying to wrap my head around this. Flightplan done up in Simbrief and uploaded to the A310, KLAX to KLAS. I’ve verified it in Navigraph and I have a paid subscription, latest database.

I have attached two pictures of the FMC and the route in Navigraph. The plane is vectoring me from BERBN and then there is a discontinuity. The next waypoint is HUXAR. If I erase the vector and discontinuity, I then need to go directly from BERBN to HUXAR. There are clearly three other waypoints in the plan…BISHP, HOGOG, and KODSE. If I try to enter these manually into the plan, the FMC returns “waypoint not in database”

My question is why are these waypoints not in the database? If they don’t exist, where are they coming from on the chart?

How do I get around this? I don’t want to go directly from BERBN to HUXAR since this is an unrealistic situation. Why am I being vectored when there are waypoints to follow?

Is this an error is the database?

Those waypoints are part of the approach procedure.

You shouldn’t be entering them manually, you should be selecting the procedure.

Looks like you are using the RNNRZ2 arrival (STAR) and then the RNAV RNP for 26L with the BERBN transition Approach.

OK, so I need to enter “I26L”?

I’ve already selected my landing runway, 26L as well as my approach, “RNDRZ2”.

Not sure if I’m following you…

You may want to watch some tutorials on SID / STAR / Approach to get a better understanding.

RNDRZ2 is not an approach, it’s an arrival. (STAR).

Yes, sorry… arrival. So what am I missing here, the approach is missing those three waypoints.

I’m confused that those three waypoints do not exist in the database.

From what you stated above, you are trying to enter those waypoints manually, you would not do that on an approach.

You just select the approach from the procedures menu and it will load the approach and its waypoints. Not sure where you got the above screenshot from but those 3 waypoints are not part of any approach for 26L into KLAS.

Which type of approach are you trying to perform?


Okay, I understand. This must be a problem with Navigraph…it’s a screenshot I took when I picked my 26L approach opinion from the menu

ILS approach

Here’s the approach plate for ILS 26L


And here is what that entire procedure would look like (STAR / Approach)

So I do see your waypoints there, but again, don’t enter them into the computer manually, juts select the approach and let it load up what it needs to.

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OK. Thanks for the help. I’ll need to get back in the sim and check this again.

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I still can’t get past the fact that if you try to enter the waypoint itself it will come up that it’s not in the database. It has a GPS coordinate…guess that’s the way the system is designed.

they are called discontinuity it’s normal to have them is a flight plan you just need to clear them and your flight plan should be fixed with no more gaps

Correct, but my question is why are the three waypoints on the the Navigraph flightplan not in the database in the plane? There should be no discontinuity, correct?

OK, I seem to have it sorted. I went through the process again and I realized that I didn’t include my transition points, so now the missing waypoints have been found! Sounding like a broken record, but I still find it odd that when you search for the waypoints directly, they are not in the database.

Thanks for the help!

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i don’t know how that A310 works not used it yet. but on the Flybywire you don’t need to add any extra way points to the flight plan just set departure and arrival and if there are any discontinuity there just clear them. and are you using simbrief for you planning?

My guess would be that those points are considered inextricably part of an approach procedure and cannot therefore be manually designated as waypoints that are not part of that procedure – thus they are ‘not found in database’ because they don’t exist as individual waypoints. SkypilotYTS seems to be saying the same thing above when he wrote “Those waypoints are part of the approach procedure. You shouldn’t be entering them manually, you should be selecting the procedure.”

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Yes, I use Simbrief. This was a bit of an odd situation…the reason that the discontinuity existed was because I didn’t indicate my transition.

What I actually did initially was that I deleted the vector as well as the discontinuity which resulted in a flightplan that was impossible to fly in order to pick up the ILS. I didn’t realize my mistake until I flew it!

I’ve seen elsewhere that you really need to check things out before you delete the discontinuity…it’s there for a reason and in my case was obviously telling me something and I didn’t heed it.

I’m finding I’m learning a lot more by doing up my own plans and then looking at them on Navigraph.

Correct. I now understand that the waypoints are actually in the database, but they are reserved for the particular procedure. :+1:

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