Mission/Jobs App

Hi all,

New MFS flyer here. I was watching a Twitch streamer fly the other day and he had a mission/job log type of app on his computer where he would select a job and complete it for a certain amount of (fake) money. When watching, I thought that was included in the sim, but I haven’t seen it. Does anybody have an idea as to what app that might have been?

It showed a map with a bunch of different routes. When he clicked on a route it showed details on the job, what he was moving, how much he would earn, etc.

Any help would be appreciated!

It could have been FSEconomy, OnAir, or Neofly at a guess.

These look awesome. Been enjoying flying around, but having missions to complete will make it even that much better. I installed NeoFly and setup and account. Will try out the first flight with it tonight, appreciate the help!