Are there missions you can fly?


Not yet.

You have to “pretend” your missions.


Well, there are the bush trips. But as far as earning a living, nope. You have to make up your own, although I’ve heard a rumor that FSeconomy works already.


The landing challenges are fun and the Bush Piloting is certainly entertaining. As far as FSX-era things go… not yet.

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The SDK has a mission editor, so the community can bring them …

I wonder if we can do multiplayer missions …

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There are some third party software products that have a mission/delivery structure.

  1. FSEconomy: Free but complicated to get up and running (Many steps to follow, accounts to open, downloads). Has a moderate learning curve. Rough around the edges, but fun.
  2. OnAir: Has a subscription/pay service model. Moderately easy to set up. Has a moderate learning curve. Polished and fun.
  3. SImbitWorld-A Pilot’s Life: Must purchase (SimMarket), but no subscription (free to play after purchase). Easy to set up. Learning Curve to play.

All three have persistent worlds. You transport goods/perishables/passengers and get paid for a successful completion. You build up your airline, and move up the latter getting better aircraft, certifications, and “missions”.

I have OnAir. If is fun as heck. You create your own Airline Company and start with One free Aircraft and some money (If you do the tutorial…I HIGHLY recommend doing the tutorial!).

I love transporting goods on flights around my local real life area. You can move around the map doing different missions at different airports. There is a Reputation score based on your flying and pre/post flight actions. You could do little missions like this forever, or move up and build skills and levels in the OnAir simulator.

If you want to move up to larger aircraft or turboprops, you have to do a check flight and if you pass you get your in game license. You also have to maintain your aircraft and manage weights and loads (all in the OnAir program). This transfers to MSFS 2020 when you turn on the in OnAir programs Flight Tracking.

As you can see, it has a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it it is a breeze. It is pretty much as complicated as you want it to be, I have my own small airline in game and it is easy to manage. The bigger the airline the more complicated it gets.

If you don’t mind paying a small subscription fee, OnAir is a good choice. If you want free, go FSEconomy (also very fun, but a bit complicated).

Hope that assists you in finding a “mission” app for MSFS 2020. Missions are inbound from freelance/company creators soon, as the SDK is now available and has a Mission Editor in it. So you could wait, but I know (for me) I love the extra management OnAir brings to MSFS.

Take care my friends, and good luck. :slight_smile:


Thanks great Summary. With OnAir do you need to set the fuel and weight in the Sim or will OnAir automatically adjust the weight and balance?

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There is a load cargo screen. You check a box to load the aircraft. The weight numbers will come up automatically, but you can manually adjust the fuel, passengers, and items to get a go/green weight. If you are over weight, the number will turn red until you get it under max load. You can also adjust the balance the same way (fuel tanks, etc.).

Hope that answers your question fully. :slight_smile:

Remember FSPassengers for FSX? Great little program which gave structure to flying, following SOPs, delivering passengers, building your airline, maintenance and repairing the plane withall those dodgy landings you did - shame it never got further developed, would be great in something like MSFS2020.

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It would be great if you could link this with Euro and American truck simulator.

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Well i really want to buy and play the new FS but apparently someone has cornered the market on usb joysticks and quadrupled all the prices. $39.00 logitech joystick is selling (re manufactured even) for $150.00 and people are actually buying them! Anyone know of a reasonably priced JS let me know.

OnAir and FSEconomy are both an evolution of FSPassengers. You can do everything you just asked for in OnAir and FSEconomy. If fact, I just did a routine maintenance on my SkyHawk G1000 airframe to repair damages I sustained from my flights. You can get a license, in game, to ferry passengers (I just got mine), with skill points you get from completing assignments and transports. All this while building up your airline from the bottom up. It is a blast, if you liked FSPassengers you will like OnAir or FSEconomy.

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@ValiantDWC - Thanks for the Heads-up on FSEconomy and OnAir - will let MSFS2020 settle down first before delving into them. Who knows, maybe something like them will appear in MSFS2020 at some point?

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InGame missions could be compatible with FSE & OnAir, just another layer for inmersion …

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Na they didn’t feel like doing that

 I too am awaiting the missions. I had much fun when using FSX and I missed them in Xplane 10&11, Really hoping for the Around the World Mission from FSX.
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