Mitsubishi MU-2 - No ATC Voices

The MU-2 seems to have its own voice pack for the aircraft check list and pilot.

However, there are no ATC/AI aircraft voices, regardless of whether I use Azure or Offline voice modes.

Is happening 100% of time.

Not using Developer Mode.

I frequently lose ATC voices when using Azure with other aircraft, but never when using Offline Voice mode. It’s only with this aircraft do I lose ATC/AI voices even when using Offline Voice mode.

Yes, same here…I have now removed this aircraft from my install. :unamused:

Does the ATC dialogue progress as normal, you just can’t hear it?

Turn up the volume on the left knob.
Skärmbild 2023-11-03 130157


:man_facepalming: It’s always the most simple answer that’s overlooked.

Thank you RomeoEcho67. That sorted it. :+1:

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Moved over to Aviate, Navigate, Communicate as this seems resolved.