Mixed Reality Portal problem

Started my headset, I got the portal screen, then a purple screen with “hang tight while we finish up some downloading” on it. It stays on for a minute, then gone. After doing that several times I uninstalled WMR portal, thinking I could just reinstall, but I get the thing. So now I’m stuck, can’t use VR, any ideas ?

I never get this screen with the Reverb G2, a few months ago I started to see the splash screen for around 6 seconds as I transitioned into the cockpit, it was really annoying. I did a fresh install on the sim for a different reason and the issue went away

Thanks, I have the G2 also. the only time I saw hang tight thing is when I installed WMR portal. It’s like it wanted to update, or install, but couldn’t.

I used a restore point that fixed it.

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