Mixed textures in ground at default airport

This happens at any airport in DX12 only even with a clean community folder.

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Do have the same issue?:


Are you using DX12?:


Are you using AMD GPU?

Yes, 6800XT

Are you using NVIDIA GPU?


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Seems to be happening at random airports only when using DX12. On DX11 it’s not existent

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Really hope that Asobo makes a hotfix for this

I’m seeing that this bug only affects amd users with dx12 turned on. We can at least get some feedback that someone in there is aware of the problem we are facing and if this is corrected when because now that we can enjoy dx12 beautifully there is this impediment. thankful.

Happens to me too. But only on DX12. Doesn’t happen on DX11. I’m only on TAA

I’m currently using the nvidia studio driver

Is there any word from Asobo about this issue?

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Anyone from MS or Asobo going to comment?, are we going to get a fix for this as it’s now months since it was reported. Only happens using DX12, and seems to affect both some AMD and Nvidia cards at random.

This needs to be addressed. I’m seeing this on DX12 in SU10.