Mixing Brands - TrackIR - Honeycomb + Logitech 'LOOKING FOR CONFIRMATION'

At this point I have not even bought the game. I am looking for confirmation from other users regarding the mixing of the following peripherals. Should I be able to incorporate these control devices:

  1. NaturalPoint TrackIR 5

  2. Honeycomb Alpha Flight Controls [YOKE]

  3. Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quadrant

  4. Logitech G PRO Flight Rudder Pedals

What do you think? Am I bound for conflicts?
Or should I be right to go ahead and purchase these controllers and get started with the flight sim?

I really don’t want to change this list. I know the Rudder Pedals are not the best, but as far as budget ones go, I have selected these are they are much more ergonomic than the Thrustmaster Flight Rudder Pedals. The latter is way to close for my comfort zone.

At any rate … interested to hear from others if I should be right to go ahead with the purchase OR should I be concerned I am wasting money due to conflicts and inability to run this gear along side each other?

Really appreciate your thoughts?

Thank You.

I haven’t purchased either as yet…but when testing the Alpha and Beta…all 3 worked fine. The throttles aren’t available as yet so I can’t comment.

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I dont see why this should cause an issue, I have TrackIR, Honeycomb yoke, Warthog Throttles and Crosswind rudders all connected and working (after frigging my way through the awful set up screens)

Having said that, I was getting a lot of weird CTD’s last night, accompanied by the windows ‘you just unplugged something’ sound, so not sure what was going on there!

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Yes all of those will work fine. Some older hardware may need setting up manually, which is easy, but all of the above will pretty much work out the box I suspect. As long as a device connects to the PC via USB and not some ancient RS232 port etc, then it will just work after assigning.

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Thanks for the prompt reply ‘WobblyDuck3467’ lol … love your user name!

Good point. I had not noticed that and just checked. I do beleive I will pre order. TY!!!

That Yoke with those pedals should suffice … I think. :wink:

I use track ir, VRInsight panels, Warthog and MFD buttons and they all work fine. You just need to clear them and bind them yourself for best results to avoid default binding cross overs.

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Thanks Andy. I’ll double check the connections on the logitech. That name seems long in the tooth for flight Sims now. Unfortunate I can’t afford the Crosswinds just yet. Once again … out of the budget variety those particular Logitech pedals I think of more ergonomic than it’s competition at that same level.

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Do you have any info on howto get the vrinsight working. I have a bunch but could not get the radiostack or even the simple m-panel to work. Followed the 4 year old info in the vrinsight website, installed FSUIPC 7 beta. The VRiSim sees both panels, but that is as far as I can get.

Mine showed up as two MS Panel devices. Once I started to change things I was prompted to create a profile for them, I named them the panel names so I can see them.

Absolutely none…I’m using TrackIr, WinWing Stick, Throttle, swtich panel and MFG Crosswind pedals. I also have 2 Cougar MFD’s that are detected.

Everything works flawlessly.