MixMugz TBM 930 Improvement Mod

Mod Edit: corrected title.

That great mod for the TBM by Mugz is updated,


Great, but I can´t slide the throttle lever to the left.

Place cursor on throttle, Left click and hold down then hold right button down on mouse and move to left


It worked, thank you!

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I use the blue lever on my throttle quadrant to move the throttle sideways (left to right and right to left).

My PFD looks like this… all mods (WT mods and TBM) freshly downloaded. Any idea…? The PFD is just dead.

Working fine here. I am so happy, no words. We got the TBM back!!!

Awesome work, thank you very much #Mugz and enjoy your coffee.

Doors must be unlocked first.

Try to rename wt 3000 mod with two zero’s as the first letters in the name so that it is first in the stack and looks like this: 00 workingtitle-g3000

This is to make shure that this addon is loaded before the tbm mod.

Found the issue… a beta software I’m currently testing makes the garmins go haywire. So solved, thanks for the feedback!

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It’s great to have this mod updated for SU5.

Many thanks to Mugz

Try uninstalling the mod, restart computer then reinstall

Will try this later :rofl: I gave up on it last night :crazy_face:

when i install the mod i get that wierd graphic glitch where im looking through the face of the pilot, from inside his head - his eyes, mouth and mic are in the way. THe copilot is also sitting in the cockpit with me.

On the panel, both sides, pilot side, top left is a RED button. Press that and it will get rid of the pilot figure and same for copilot, red button of his side.

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Does it work with WU6 and are there any other nown issues in regard to other Addons

It does work with WU6 and no issues with other addons. I would, however, suggest if you have other TBM mods that you remove them.

Was more in the direction of WTG3000

Works wqith the WTG3000, n o issues

I get a few ctds with the mod since wu 6. Try the landing challenge with Tbm. Reload it a 2 nd time. That might produce the crash. I think mod needs another update

what changes do this do this mod make?

Changers are:
pilot and copilot (you can remove these by clicking on the RED button on either side of the panel)
Open and close the baggage door (lever down beside pilot left leg) open and close the pilot door (handle on door activates this) and main rear door (lever down by copilots right leg).
With the pilot door and main door you need to click in the black button on the door to open them as this is a lock mechanism.
Have a look at the pics on this page TBM930 Improvement Mod » Microsoft Flight Simulator
A great addition to the TBM