Mixture Issues with Prop Planes


For real?? I missed the Q&A!

Watched it and you’re right update 6 ahh!! So glad to hear this. They hadn’t previously given any indication that they had seen this thread lol

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if update 6 means the v , then I see not difference in the mixture behavior… is update 5


okay… thanks… then still hope :joy:


I’ve been testing this out too, hopefully I’ll have some changes coming up in a MSFS_C152 update

Official Forum Post keep an eye out here!

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Mixture still does not work. The mixture lever only works as fuelcutter. On or off.
In the FS history the mixture lever functioned since the beginning of FS1.
This lack doesn’t bring MSFS foreward to the hall of fames!

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Wait for update 6, which supposedly will fix it.

That’s only the case in the Baron.

On all other aircraft mixture works in the same wrong way as in e.g. FSX and P3D.

Sorry for that! I only fly the Baron as piston ACFT.
Still missing the function of the cowlflaps.

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Cirrus not having a working mixture at all :frowning:

And the Cirrus SR22.

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this is other kind of issue, some airplanes which not have mixture control, react anyway when you move the axis you assigned to the mixture (or the key)…


Looks like the update didn’t fix anything? Has anyone tried yet?

Did Asobo mention that a mixture improvement was planned for this update?

Yes, in their Q&A. Please scroll up and watch the Q&A again. Cheers.

It didn’t fix anything? Did you try it?

tried it… no change on these side… but also seen nothing in patch notes, so we have to wait for coming updates.

That’s incredibly frustrating… they said a fix would come in Update 6.

Did you try in the Cessna? I bet if they fixed anything it wasn’t in the Baron / other models where mixture is broken.

The standard C172 works as it did prior to No issues.