Mmm mmm good

Came in for a landing and saw this taxiway sign.

I’d like to think there was something up there good to eat, but I have a feeling that I’m in for a disappointment. :wink:

Does anyone know what the “MMMM” represents here?



Do you have real taxiways installed?

If so, take a look at this thread / fix.


just imagining Ground being like screaming and emphasizing like “StonerKitter69x420 Cleared for VFR Departure Runway 18 taxi via runway AAAA bravo, echo, MMMM…”

Maybe it’s commenting on your landing.


Thanks for the comment! This is exactly it. I bought and installed both US and Euro versions of Real Taxiways yesterday, and I was testing it out when I found the sign.

I did a Google search for “MMMM taxiway signs,” but that didn’t help. I was hoping someone here would have an answer.

This is much better.

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That could be. LOL.

Solution found. Topic closed.