Mobile Companion App v1.9 released Aug/30/2021 - updated FBW A32NX v0.6.3 and dev controls and added load KMLs

MSFS Mobile Companion App Thread

MSFS Mobile Companion App is a tool that allows you to control essential aircraft instruments such as NAV/COM frequencies or autopilot using almost any mobile device. The MSFS Mobile Companion App is free to use.

Update 1.9 (Aug/30/2021): Updated FBW A32NX v0.6.3 and dev controls and added load KMLs
Update 1.8.2 (Jul/11/2021): Added support for DC-6 (PMDG)
Update 1.8.1 (Jun/14/2021): CPU utilization hotfix
Update 1.8 (Jun/14/2021): Added support for FG-1D Corsair (MilViz) and UI improvements
Update 1.7 (May/14/2021): Added support for MB-339 and Long-EZ (IndiaFoxtEcho) and added gear, flaps, spoilers and trim controls
Update 1.6.1 (Apr/20/2021): Added support for CRJ-550/700 (Aerosoft)
Update 1.6 (Mar/29/2021): Added support for PA-28R (Just Flight), A32NX EFIS, GNS430/530, G1000
Update 1.5.2 (Mar/4/2021): UI hotfix for iOS devices (decimal and negative numbers input)
Update 1.5.1 (Feb/8/2021): Hotfix for load flight plan not working on Steam versions
Update 1.5 (Feb/5/2021): Added landscape mode and load flight plan
Update 1.4 (Jan/6/2021): Added A320 AP controls

Where can I get it? You can download the MSFS Mobile Companion App for free on GitHub or It’s free. No ads, no in-app purchases, nothing.

Important notice for new users: Don’t install the app on your mobile device! Download and run it on your PC. This creates a local web server to which you connect via an IP address. You can connect to the app from your Android, iOS, Windows or Linux devices. To find out more about this app, visit the GitHub project page.

Enjoy the app and let me know your feedback!


Is this on the apple appstore as well?

No need for that. You download and run it on your PC. This creates a local web server to which you connect via an IP address from the browser on your mobile device. This makes it cross compatible with all mobile devices. Let me know if you need help running it.

Hey this is cool i just downloaded on PC and i can controll AP and many things on my mobile phone and most at all i can watch my plane is on external device on open street map, thanks very much for this post

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I’ll try it out on the A32NX and post the results here. looks promising. I hope you can also make the FMS and then this will truly be a most necessary addition to MSFS 2020.

Thanks a lot! I’m looking forward to your feedback on the A32NX AP.

The FMS is currently not possible via SimConnect which is the API that I use. I’d love to have an FMS on a tablet as well as a G1000/3000, but that’s a bit tricky at the moment. One day maybe…

This is an amazing ,awesome app.Can’t believe it is free.Thank you so much.

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I can’t get it to work neither on my ipad nor on my smartphone. It is working on my pc browser though. I use Chrome on my smartphone but when I type in the IP address nothing happens. I use the same network as on pc.

This looks like your PC and mobile device aren’t communicating. Make sure your network setting on your PC is set “private” (not “public”) and that Defender isn’t blocking the app. It could also be your Firewall blocking the app.

Here is a short guide on how to change the network settings in Win 10:
Open Start > Settings > Network & Internet, under Change your network settings, click Sharing options. Expand Private or public, then choose the radio box for the desired options such as turning off network discovery, file and printer sharing or accessing homegroup connections

Hope this helps.

Ok I will try it later and say if it worked.

It works now. Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Is there a fast way to change the decimals in the Com tab (for example from 121.1 to 121.7)? It would be nice to just hold the button and it changes the numbers quicker. I know there is the possibility of direct input but the classy way is more useful when you want to prepare a frequency and then just switch to it.

Sounds cool. I’ll give it a try.

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Not at the moment unfortunately, except the direct input mode which you’ve mentioned. I’ll see what I can do about it in the next versions. The solution would be to make a press and hold event. Holding the button would make the frequency increase eg by 0.05 instead of the current 0.005. Let’s see about that.

Regarding your initial problem with the app - how did you solve it? I’d like to know how that so I can give better guidance to other users that might have the same issue.

That sounds great. Thanks for your effort.

Regarding the solution of my problem. I just had to switch the network settings to private. It was on public as default.

Thanks for the feedback. That’s usually the case except when you have a more complex network setup.

Enjoy the app!

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Looking great so far, thanks. Re Autopilot - not sure if anyone else has suggested this but it would be very, very handy indeed for small heading adjustments to have + and - buttons for setting Heading Bug like there is for Vertical Speed. Also, a button to set the Heading bug to current heading would be very, very useful. Cheers.

Thanks for the great feedback! The +/- buttons for the heading bug might turn out to be a bit user unfriendly due to the delay coming from the sim to the app. I’ll try it out and see how it works. Current heading is a great idea that I’ll definitely implement in the next version.

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This is simply amazing!
Have to say that I mainly fly the GA planes but it works pretty well with with them.
The maps provides you an excellent level of situational awareness in terms of pretty accurate location, flight tracking and visible airspaces but ( so far) lacks projection of the route ahead ( from FP)
I currently use the app on a second monitor, not on a mobile device.
Bottomline: I’m happy with it!
Thanks a lot :small_airplane:

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Thanks for the feedback! I’m currently looking into ways of implementing a flight plan into the app. It’s one of the top priorities now and should come in the next version.

Since you’re using the app on a monitor, I think the upcoming map split-screen view will be useful for you. Here’s an early version of it:

You’ll be able to switch to this view manually from the “Other” tab. It’s intended for medium to large tablets/monitors in landscape mode.

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