Mobo/CPU Update - Do I have to reinstall MSFS?

I’m on the verge of updating my i7 6700k to a newer Zen 3 processor with the X570 Taichi motherboard / 32Gb Ram and Arctic Liquid Freezer 280 AIO.

I know I will have to reactivate Windows10, which is not a problem, but will I have to reactivate/redownload MSFS because of the hardware change or carry on as normal?

Thanks for any info…

You should be reinstall a fresh windows installation anyway if you put in a new motherboard.
Windows 10 CAN work without reinstall, but why would you? It would be like moving house and taking all the idiot neighbours with you AND all your problems IN your house.
Start a fresh, its better.


I recently changed mobo and CPU
Not a problem, drivers fine, all worked without a hitch.
Reinstalling would have been a pain as it usually takes a few days, after re-install to get back all the productivity software and don’t forget any savegames that don’t do cloud storage. I’ve never trusted document transfer apps and transferring old document folders can be iffy as old cofig files can sometimes screw up new re-installs of some packages.
So, I chose to not re-install everything and fresh start; too much hassle.
The only issue I had was Windows needed to be re-authorised. This took a few minutes to fix and some activations for audio production software needed re-authorising.

I had no issues with MSFS 2020.

You mileage may vary Pappabear 8141’s suggestion is also valid.

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You can reinstall MSFS if you want, even format PC and do a clean windows install. All your settings are stored in the cloud now, including keybindings and joysticks assignments. I noticed it as I have done a complete new windows install this weekend. After I launched game I didn´t need to configure anything. All was set as I have left it before formatting PC.


Since everyone feels the need to throw their opinion in instead of answering the question.

No, you won’t have to reinstall MSFS.



You brought up a question I was having.

Since all of the settings are stored in the cloud, do you know of a way to remove that settings backup?

When I reinstall FS2020, I do not want it to bring back previous settings, I want to start fresh with it, but I don’t know where the cloud backup is to delete.

During a configuration change, I had used Samsung Data Migration to clone my old SSD to the new M.2 (Samsung 970)
A clone software therefore does the job well provided you have a version of Windows 10 without surprises.

You just have to uninstall the old drivers and utilities.

Really ? What makes you so sure of that … or maybe its just a wild Guess ???
If ASOBO or Microsoft are taking files OFF my PC and keeping them on their server, then that would appear to be a slippery slope.

I choose to share a file or folder with a Cloud Server, that’s one thing, but just grabbing my created items off my PC, without any warning is … well — is maybe just par for the course these days .

On second thought ---- Micrososft /.ASOBO can have my Joystick profile !!!

This is exactly what ASOBO had announced, when they told us that we had to redo our Joystick profile / key configurations during the alpha / beta transition to the commercial version.
The profile backup on server will be deleted.

Be aware that Windows will no longer let you transfer licenses unless it is a full retail version. OEM or the free upgrade from prev generation are not transferable any longer.

A MB upgrade is considered a “new” pc to windows.

Why did SSD cloning on my new hardware work without a problem for me?

Not saying it won’t slip through or you may have had a retail version.

I did the same for my upgrade and when activating it said it was not allowed due to license terms. Had to buy a retail key.

I had to free upgrade version from Windows 7 to 8 ect.

May have something to do with if you swap from AMD to Intel ect or change MB manufacturers. Basically it is a crapshoot if Windows decides it is “new”, hence the warning.

This is what I had done.
Upgrade from Windows 7 Ultimate edition to Windows 10 Pro.

But there, I went from Intel to AMD / MSI X570, one can believe in this case that I am lucky.
In any case, so much the better if this is the case.

N6722C, don´t be so arrogant and read what I had put: I did a fresh install including a complete Windows installation and my settings were all as I left them before the PC formatting. Unless I have accidentally discovered a way to transfer files via quantum physics from a formatted system to a newly created partition setup, cloud storage in player´s online profile is the only explanation for having all settings back into my system without any user interaction. This is not the only game that has such feature.

And yes TBCaptain, we drop opinions cause this is a public forum.


I did almost the exact upgrade.

Yeah I’d say you got lucky. I even spoke to MS on the phone and they said they would not transfer it.

Knock on wood. Lol

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Windows 10, Intel i9-9900k, Nvidia 2080Ti, 32Gb RAM and 600Mb/s network -
OK, I’m impressed 600Mb/s network !!! wow … sorry I even dared to question you !!
Please accept my most humble apologies …

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Uuufff… That ego again? Sure, accepted

You don’t have to reinstall MSFS.

I replaced motherboard, processor, ram and GPU a few days ago (keeping the OS and all drives). Windows will install the needed drivers when launching for the first time after the hardware change.

You just have to expect that Windows will not boot anymore after the hardware change. So you may have to repair the MBR first.
I had to start Windows from a Windows boot medium, then going to computer repair. Going to the command prompt and entering the following commands in a sequence did the job. After that Win 10 was booting again.

  • bootrec /rebuildbcd
  • bootrec /fixmbr
  • bootrec /fixboot
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@MorgoMonkeyGod My only concern also is my Audio Production Software and all the VST’s I installed the past months. I assume you are talking about Pro-Tools, Cubase or similar DAW’s that don’t have to reinstalled in case of a new MB and CPU? My add-ons (Kontakt) are my biggest concerns. Not sure if you use a ‘simple’ sampler program of more professional gear. I hope you can share some details about your Audio production software. Thanks in advance

assuming he has mbr compatible motherboard bios (legacy or cmd mode)… might have to change it to uefi boot and gpt format, which is what I had to do on my motherboard / cpu change a few days ago.