Mod Edit: Hi, I'm new around here

Hola, buenas tardes, me llamo Rafa, soy de España y nuevo en este mundo. Muchas gracias por recibirme antemano y espero aprender mucho junto a vosotros. Un saludo


Welcome to the community Rafa.

If you have any questions in the future, don’t hesitate to ask. I don’t speak Spanish though :wink:

Welcome Rafa! this is a great community and any questions you may have will definitely get answered. Enjoy!

Hello Rafa. You will find many helpful and knowlegeable People on our Forum.
Be sure to visit frequently and you will surely be able to learn how to enjoy MSF 2020 and get the best possible experience.
We live part of the year in the Cabo de Gata and we’re so looking forward to returning to your lovely Country at the end of August. Kind regards Amigo.

You’ll have a blast here. Pero, lo siento, no habla Español.

Welcome to the community @lancelot1603!