Modding 320neo wingtip strobes (want to make them more powerful). How to do it?

I recently got to experience several real world A320neo flights and got window seats in all of them.

I noticed how bright and powerful the strobes were, specially at night. I find the strobes in the game weak in comparison and want to make them more powerful.

I have found the [Lights] section in the systems.cfg file but dont know how to control intensity, power etc

Would anyone know? Thanks :slight_smile:

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I agree they are too weak on close distance especially if you compare them to the brightness and visibility of lights of even quite distant other aircraft.

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These guys have corrected the intensity of the strobes and a whole lot more:

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Thank you I will check that out now :slight_smile:

Would someone kindly tell me where the strobe FX files are located? I just cant find them. I think I know how to tweak them now as the .fx files should be similar to how they worked in FSX. Thanks :slight_smile:

This was my main niggle with the Fenix. I’ve uploaded (with Fenix’s permission) an ‘Effects’ folder containing modified FX files. A video showing the results of these changes can be seen here;
Tweak to Fenix A320 - YouTube

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Nice work, I dont have the Fenix but I found a light mod for the Asobo A320neo which i use where the author kindly let me tweak his files and I have achieved the similar result to your Fenix tweak.

It really adds immersion and I dont know why 3rd party devs and Asobo even makes such weak strobes.

Here is my own video of an A320neo ride which I took specifically to use as a reference for when I was going to tweak the strobe in the game.

I also want to tweak the red beacon on Asobo A320neo because it is missing the red beacon splash on the outer wing. Instead they show it on the inner wing which in real life is in shadow of the fuselage.

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