Model matching in sim - NOT Vatsim related

I find it really jarring when I see a Mooney or A330 (in tail-dragger mode) in multiplayer which turns out to actually be a n F14 or JU-52.

My request to Microsoft is: where a plane is available in the marketplace, make a model available to ALL players which will provide at least a basic representation of what the player is actually flying. It can be a single livery and not great detail but let me see something close enough so I can glance and know without squinting at player labels.

Failing that - build in a config option to set our own matching tables up to enable (say) installing a mod in community and say that this model is to be displayed whenever a player has a JU-52.

Aside from improved immersion, don’t forget the advertising/publicity opportunity for developers to let people see what they are missing by not purchasing their planes…

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