Model not visible in the sim

Hi, I have created couple of sceneries to the sim so far. Using Blender 2.93 and MSFT Toolkit 0.4.0.

Today I wanted to update one of my sceneries but unfortunately I have ran into an issue where the model is not visible in the sim. I can select it from the model list add it to the scenery but its not visible. All other models are ok. I dont know what am I doing wrong. Ran out of ideas.

Sim version I left the SU10 beta, but I dont believe it should be the problem :slight_smile:

Here is a video of the problem

Use the official Asobo exporter with 3.1 instead.

As general rule check that your Normals are facing the right direction.

Just for info it seems the clean package and new build solved the issue. Ill have a look at the offical exporter soon.

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Yes every so often better to delete the package and rebuild :slight_smile:

The official one works with 3.1 only no 3.3. LTS yet, hopefully will be updated. It brings the exporter on par with the 3D Max’s so you can do more.

Have fun!