Model of Human/Person

I don’t find an answer to this on the web…

Is there such a thing as a model of a human or person that you can walk around with your controls (in drone mode)? This would make a great addition to cinema videos. Alternately just a person you can place by a plane but it can’t be “walked”. Ideally the ability to choose one of the pilots. Thanks!

A human with Pegasus wings would be great!

Like those avatars in Prepare 3D?

I’ve been picking around in the folders looking for the 3d models of the human’s. Would be fun to import new body shapes etc.

If anybody has found them or knows a way to import and what formats etc…

You can always use the drone camera to explore…

Basically what you’re asking for is an avatar to use in the third person, similar to games like GTA. Its been asked for before by various people here. Who knows maybe someone will do it some day. The SDK would need to be able to support it. We do already have animated ground crew so we’re already somewhere on the road to be being able to do it. Making them user controllable is a whole different matter though.

Personally I’d quite like to see it. I think it would be quite good fun and it would indeed be great for making movies. I’m sure it would come in for a lot of criticism from the ‘its a flight sim not a game’ brigade.

On a similar-ish note I’d love to see greater variety in the pilot avatars and Asobo should really make them visible when in the cockpit by default. There are a few mods out there for doing it. I’m quite a fan of having some company in the cockpit, especially in VR.

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It could be nice to have customizable lips, eyes, faces, figures, a possibility to make gestures, change poses, and so on one day.

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Just thinking out loud here, but if a model of a person were created that was like a model of an airplane (but a person), wouldn’t you be able to move that person around using the slew functions?

Ideally, a flight simulator would work a little like Star Citizen and your avatar.

Aviation is certainly about airplanes - but it’s more about people, doing things with airplanes.

Imagine doing the walk around, boarding the aircraft, exploring the cabin, then jumping into the cockpit to fly. Or another crew seat. Or a passenger seat.


Haven’t seen a person, but there are driveable cars.

Nobody seems to have developed this for MSFS yet. Isn’t this what ORBX BOB used to do in FSX or am I mistaking the addon for something else.

I want to be able to put the plane on AP, walk back to the passenger compartment and sit down. Then get the stewardess to bring me a coffee.

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To do it in a first person view wouldn’t be difficult at all I don’t think. Asobo could probably enable it relatively easily. Other sims like Farming Simulator and the just released new train simulator make heavy use of a first person mode. Like I said before I’d love to see it in the sim. It would add to the immersion doing walk arounds and it would be great for making little movies for youtube.

Or look at youtube on a screen while sitting back in a passenger seat :slight_smile: Where is the captain? He sitting back there and watching youtube clips. Nothing to worry about he has autopilot on :slight_smile:

One of the “cinemas” I have planned is to fly an ultralight to a place I know about that has things to see. A scenery maker has created the things to see for me. I want to get out of the plane and walk around looking at the things to see. I can do this first-person with drone camera mode, but thought it would be cool to have an “outside” view of a person walking around. I know this goes beyond the purpose of a flight simulator. But for making cinemas wouldn’t it be cool to watch a person walk up to the plane that’s about to be flown? Just an idea.


I totally agree. Maybe it will come in the future. Who knows. Would be cool too if we needs to start outside of the aircraft instead of inside and go to the aircraft first and then get into it. Only that would make the sim feel more realistic.

Not the passenger seat, but…


I can see some real multitasking going on right there! You steering the plane and pacman at the same time :joy:

Can’t the steering of pacman be set on the buttons for panning the map on the gps?

Would be cool to have a real android tablet working in the cockpit too :slight_smile:

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I wish I were smart enough to implement something like that, all credit goes to @Kronzky :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

In the hanger views of aircraft there are people walking all over the place. All that needs to be done is to make those objects steerable and control their speed. I would be willing to pay for such an addon.

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