Modifying sample simple aircraft

I have managed to get the SDK going and I can “live edit” the simple sample aircraft while flying and, of course, make it unstable because what I am doing is not coordinated. Is there any instruction on the “structure” of the flight model and what it actually cares about in the engine and aerodynamic pages of the aircraft editor? Seems like so much of the config files are just information only.

I also want to ask about “training” and “licensing”. Before I start “working” on the simple sample AC, like learning to install gauges and switches and get the sim to recognize them, I want to know what the “professional’s” starting point usually is. If I fiddle with the simple sample AC, am I working on an intended training aid? Will I do a bunch of stuff to it only to be told I am messing with DRM protected material???

ps I have found more info on setting gauges in a model, but it takes Visual Studio… So one would have to make a commitment to learning this environment.

the simpleaicraft is pretty much used by anyone arround here. The thing is that the sdk really doesn’t like when all the files aren’t there, like filght model.cfg and it will crash if you create an empty flight model file. for the gauges, you will need to learn how to code. first learn javascript and the basic of html and css. I recommand taking a look at the a32nx project.

Thanks. I went and got the A320 community plane (0.4.1) off github. I will try it later today, then start looking at the community source pages.