Mods won’t run on my pc

I’ve tried to add several mods from developers, all of which were freeware. Only one of these mods would run on my old pc and my new pc. I’d like any advice on what the problem could be since buying from the marketplace doesn’t always give all the options (Freedom Fox for example. I can’t get the mod manager so can’t customize the Fox 2). My pc will run the sim in default settings (high quality) but not on ultra. Thanks in advance!

As mentioned to you in these replies, the Mod Manager feature is not available when you purchase this addon from the Marketplace.

You would have needed to purchase it from a store such as Orbx Direct to get that feature.

In regards to settings, all PC’s are different, a lot of PC’s will not run this sim well, if at all, with all settings maxed out.

What other mods are you having trouble with?

It’s been awhile so I don’t recall exactly. It was mostly scenery mods, plus a monster truck kind of bush plane from gotgravel. I gave up on mods and just use the marketplace, but I think I’ll try again.