Molesworth Station Bush Trip

One of the first bush trips that I flight planned and uploaded to was an adventure through Molesworth Station, the biggest station in NZ (ranch for American readers). Starting at NZOM, the flight plan follows several impressive river valleys through mountain ranges thrust up from seismic activity, along active tectonic plate fault lines to the airport at NZHR.

Now that I’ve got a little time on my hands, I’ve gone back and tweaked the GPS routing to follow the mountain passes more accurately and updated the route description with geographic references. The link for the flight plan is at the bottom of the list in the :small_airplane: New Zealand Local Series Index topic.


Nice, rode that on my motorbike last summer - will try it out from air tonight.


Nice screenshots. Is ZK-EOS still the Hawera Aero Club plane? I grew up in Hawera, and flew in her a couple of times way back in the early 1980’s !!

Sure is Deane. Another great local livery by @GentleDragon593 available from

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