For those of you interested to join, watch the stream, or simply come an fly with me, here’s the schedule for tonight !

Departure October 12th 2020 (Monday) 9:30pm Eastern Daylight Time (UTC -4)
WIll be departing out of Brisbane (YBBN), will go up to Cairns (YBCS) for a quick turn to Port Moresby (AYPY) where we’ll be ending our stream !

Come in big numbers and let’s all have fun together !!! Get your flightplans on simbrief and lets all ride together, no airplane restrictions. fly what you want !

Link to my channel below:

Link to stream here:

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Tricky “Channel subscription” link. - Smart try.
But sounds nice, have a good flight.

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Wow, a sub link? Poor form dude.

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The next leg on my world tour would be departing from YSSY this evening but I’m under the impression I should avoid that area during the stream. :sweat_smile:

thanks ! see you around buddy !

Believe it or not ! it works !

why would you avoid that area? you afraid of the cameras?

Haha, not really. More like fun pilots criss-crossing from every direction.

I am not flying live so ! unless you have my user ID, you wont be able to see me ! no criss-crossing acrobats for me !

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Is there a away to download the flight plan, which server? Also, do I need to be added as a friend to your group to attend?
Kind Regards

Here you go my friend

it’s free and you can generate the FP yourself, very easy

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This isn’t a fly-in event. This is just you wanting people to watch a live stream.

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Is there a Discord channel for communications?

This is whatever you want it to be my friend :slight_smile: live and let live ! enjoy your day

not yet but good idea, i’ll work on one soon

I’m confused. You aren’t flying live on a live stream?

… and you are not flying online? - I would call this ‘false advertisement’ but certainly just bad practice. - Glad i did not subscribe on your tricky link to your channel.

And the reality is that some people will like it, some others won’t ! you have an option, you free to do whatever you want with it :wink: