Monitor MSFS in Event Viewer?

Windows system gurus…I’m starting to run into CTDs again after a long absence. In line with trying to help nail down the culprit, I’d like to see if the Windows Event Viewer could be used to track not only MSFS, but all the other add-ons I’m using:

  • Pilot2ATC
  • REX Weather
  • Navigraph Charts
  • Volanta
  • AIG Traffic
  • Navigraph Navdata
  • FBW A320neo
  • FS2Crew FBW Edition
  • FS2Crew Pushback
  • FS2Crew RAAS

Trouble is I don’t know how to set this up in event viewer to track these specific programs. Anyone try this yet? If so, did it help narrow down a culprit? Any tips on how I’d go about setting this up?

Running the Steam edition so I suppose Steam might get added to that list as well.



If the ctds just started, what has changed recently?

Are you amd gpu?

22.1.2 drivers may be the issue.

Try going back to 21.12 .1

Worked for me. Luckily I discovered this the day before Wu7, otherwise I would probably still be searching for what went wrong…

No issues with wu7 btw.

Ps I tested the different drivers 3 times. Each install of 22xx caused ctd. Bug report sent to amd.

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Well, I was suspecting the beta versions of P2ATC and/or the recent updates to FS2Crew. I do use the dev version of the FBW so that’s always suspect, but I was also starting to experience CTDs with the 208.

I will try reverting to the 21.12.1 AMD drivers per your suggestion.

Still curious about setting up custom monitors though - but if this is truly an AMD driver issue that’s going to be disappointing. I’d switch to Nvidia if it weren’t for the GPU shortage so I’m sort of stuck for now.