Monitor Refresh Rates: HERTZ So Good (Low/Med PC, FPS Help)

If you are on a low/medium end PC and trying to hold stable at the 48 FPS needed for ‘Believable Motion’ (Per Thomas Edison) you may want to experiment lowering your monitor refresh rate down to 50hrz. If you can hold at LEAST a stable 48 FPS you will be so happy with the results!

Using V-Sync to ‘sync’ MSFS to that refresh could help you stabilize.

If all you are shooting for is 30 fps, you may want to try 30hrz.

In OPTIONS turn on Developer Mode and the FPS display to watch how things can change.

The above is only part of the process to help lock in what you need.

Explore different FPS settings in game in conjunction with your refresh rate, Graphic Card game settings & Color Space settings.

Hertz so good.