Monitor response time 1-5 sec


Monitor I am about to buy. What response (1-5sec) time monitor should I buy to run Flight Simulator smoothly? My video card is 3080ti.

Depends on if you’re willing to spend the extra money.

I’m using three LG 4k monitors with a 4 millisecond response time. Seems fine by me for flight simulation (FS 2020/XP11) and racing sims like rFactor 2 and ACC. But games with faster on screen “action” might be an issue.

Any monitor on the market has an adequate response time for a game like FS.

If the specification for any monitor you look at has a response time of 1-5 seconds do not buy it! :wink:

The lower the number in milliseconds the better, however unless you are playing other fast pace games it (as others have said) is unlikely to make any noticeable difference in MSFS. Similar story with the refresh rate really, possibly little point in paying extra for very high refresh rates if you are unlikely to reach a high enough frame rate.
For a flightsim I would be more inclined to favour screen size, resolution and panel type first.

I’ve been looking at monitors myself, specifically 4K, ideally HDR.

OLED are great but there is risk of burn in, and some don’t have motion blur reduction.
Others have HDR, but don’t have FALD so rely on edge lights, which can lead to blacks looking grey.

I haven’t looked at monitors in years, but its such a mine field now. I haven’t really found one that stands out amongst the rest overall, without it having some negative effect that might bother me, no matter how much I pay.

I suppose my ideal monitor would have:

1ms response time
Flat not curved

1000 nits
Vertical pixel alignment for clear text

It’s kind of like the triangle for laptops.

      /      \
   Weight   Performance

You can have any two but not all three. :slight_smile:

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Burn in on modern Oleds isn’t even worth worrying about as they have inbuilt protection. However degradation of their pixel’s organic substrates over time does happen so don’t expect to have perfect quality in another ten years.