Montreal cyul airport


Montreal airport is a big international airport. so how come in msfs the airport is like a little regional airport. when microsoft launch msfs at montreal airport there was only big walls and bricks…now since the patch they put one tower only because there are two.and some gates and parkings are missing.
i dont understand this one, everywere in the world they install big hand made airports and not in montreal

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Get in line. The second largest airport in the world (KDFW) is almost non existent. I think MS knows these airports will eventually be done by third parties. Is hard to explain. Just wait!!

hi ,
thats the point , i surely agree with you. asobo is in paris so they made paris airport, microsoft they made new york, los angeles, and the rest sorry you gonna wait…anyway difficult to understand, maybe question of money with different third parties company and arrangements.

Actually they are based in Bordeaux, and their local airport needs a bit of a touch up as well.

yes thats true, i was mised up a bit…anyway its in france

I am not impressed either with the rendition of CYUL. Even as a default airport, it is missing so much details.

There is no parking on the GA side of the airport, the de-icing bay is transformed as a GA parking area, ECHO taxiway (mislabeled in MSFS) is broken near 06L-24R, and since patch 1.9.3, all taxiway lights (blue) and all taxiway leading lights (green) have disappeared. The Marriot hotel at the airport is also missing.

Your subjective idea of what’s an important airport isn’t very relevant to what airports should be hand-made.

There are 37,000 airports in the game, and one could make an argument for every single one of them to be among the hand-made ones.

The simple answer is that they can’t custom make them all, so they picked a bunch that offer a good level of variety.

Lukla is a super-small regional airport, for instance, but it’s likely more worth being hand-made than Montreal simply because it’s unique. Montreal is not. We have plenty of big international airports.

If you think there are mistakes in the rendition, open a zendesk and provide a description of what is missing.

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Guy F. Jutras & Rafael G. Sanchez made a wonderful scenery for Montreal Airport back in 2002, I used it a lot and it was great. In FSX, I had to use the Fly Tampa Montreal Airport Scenery and, as soon as Fly Tampa releases Montreal Airport for the new Flight Simulator, I will install it. It is payware but very much worth it.

CYHU St-Hubert Airport just east of Montreal is also a nice airport and I fly there virtually quite often. It is one of the oldest airports in Canada and it was used extensively for allied pilots training flights during World War II. St-Hubert was Montreal’s airport until Dorval took over in the early 1940s. I spotted a satellite view of CYHU in the official Microsoft Flight Simulator preview trailer many months ago. It would be a nice addition to our sim and so would CYMX, the former Montreal Mirabel Airport, still used for freight and test flights for Bombardier C-Series/Airbus A220 aircraft. If we’re lucky, some intrepid simmer will take over the job as pioneers Jutras and Sanchez did eighteen years ago. There are many good scenery designers in Quebec, if I go by the number of zip files I still have.

Thank you very much my friend…I am Rafael G. Sanchez…my friend Guy and I worked very hard to make CYUL as close as possible to reality for the FSX, all buildings as well as taxing aids where made whit the program Novasim made by myself.

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i live not far from montreal airport and often ive gone there to watch the landings and departures…and for now no because ■■■■■ of covid, anyway… i own Fly Tampa Montreal for Fsx, witch is fantastic reproduction and also the first one from from Blueprint. , Yes its payware but its worth. i own also the one for St-Hubert airport witch is a nice job to. and yes Microsoft should have install Montreal in the new MSFS. they made a copy of the original Montreal in FSX . The same thing goes for the B737 , how come its not there. for me the answers are they made arrsangements with the payware companies. like Aerosoft, Pmdg, Fsdream etc…thats ok, thats perferct, no problem with that, but a bit frustrating for a new simulator like Microsoft…

no, no, no if Microsoft can make a 125 gig simulator they dont bother to do werever they want its not a problem for them. for me its a question of marketing, and money for sure. even if Microsoft has billions.

in a few years to come the whole world might have been modeled in photogrammetry on Google, Apple, and EarthView3D services and maybe on Bing as well, although the present coverage on Bing is way too poorer as compared to the Google and Apple. so the dream of having a whole bunch of around 40.000 airports across the planet modeled as real as it gets might come true.

i know, but look at Montreal FSX original without Fly Tampa or werever and youll see a copy of it in MSFS Montreal. when MSFS launch the simulator, i ve looked at Montreal airport and i was so suprised tthat there wasnt even a tower. and then after the patch they intsllaed one tower instead of two. anyway will wait, will see.
at first theRE was walls and bricks only then there was one tower and some windows at the gates. conform copy of the original Montreal in FSX.

yes i remember for FS 2002 or FS 2004 it was very nice. and even the one for FSX
no doubt about that. but its also true that Fly Tampa was a bit more sophisticated.
without overtaking your very nice job. refering to Rafael G Sanchez and Guy Jutras,

“billions” don’t make airports model themselves. This has already more detailed airports than any flight simulator released before, by a long, long shot.

I’m waiting to for Fly Tampa CYUL and CYYZ there scenery are awsome. I need to be patient. At least ASOBO have done CYTZ. Hope so Majestic will do the Q400…

hello, i think were all waiting for many addons, like FLY TAMPA MONTREAL, TORONTO, and also for airplsnes like b737, Q400 , etc…
aerosoft are working on the 737, and many companies are working hard . so we have to wait, and then PAY…ahahahah they are preparing our money. ahahahah

all i want to say Abriael is that money is not their problem they can hire multiple programmers to do anything they want. and yes i agree with you and thats for sure if they had to make more and more and more sceneries and planes then msfs would be 500 gig. they can do it but for the purpose it would take another 3 years or so.