Monument Valley with my Cessna 172 Shykawk (video)


I made a video of my aerial overflight of Monument Valley with the addon : Monument Valley, Arizona-Utah border Version 2.0 by Jeppeson2001

(my nickname is OlivierQC on other forums)

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Great video ! The free Monument Valley mod/addon is great !:

I did also another more or less same video :wink: 2 years ago


Hello Vincent1064,

In real life it’s even better. :heart_eyes:

Thanks for videos

See you

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Nice, floating upon the spiritual updrafts! :wink:

yes :wink:,

I used this song :

Shaman’s Call - Artist R. Carlos Nakai - Album Earth spirit

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Give “Spirit Feathers” by Mesa Music Consort a try [if it is still around]. Bought mine decades ago.