Mooney M20R ... airframe (tail) deforming while trimming

Hi all,

i just noticed while being in external view trying to fine tune the trimming wheel on my Logitech multipanel, that using it, this Carenado Addon Plane is deforming its whole airframe (the complete tail section is „bent“ up and down) … instead of moving a little trimming „flap“ on the edge of the elevator control Surface (as in the Stock Cessna).

Is this how its meant to be?

Indeed it is. Some Mooneyism- they indeed move the whole tail. Idea is, that using a trim tab always causes drag (except in the ‘0’ position). By trimming the whole elevator, there is no additional drag induced. Other manufacturers even don’t care about the drag, or trim the elevator as a whole (like most airliners).

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Thanks for that explainations … i wasn‘t aware of this at all :+1:

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Mooney is using a “full flying stabilizer”

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No, it doesn’t. I assume you mean the ‘all flying tail’.

Mooneys have conventional horizontal stabilizers and elevators.

What is unique is that the whole tail section, including the vertical tail, moves when using pitch trim.