Mooney M20R Basic Information

Lost my M20 R after updating. Not found in my hangar? :confused:

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110 … 911 … or something else…

No, real : which update ?

Merci Claude mais je n’ai pas coché AI, c’est décoché je pensais qu’il ne fallait pas activer le traffic AI pour éviter les conflits… quand tu dis que ca marche it means that your avionics work now?

Edited: Let’s talk in the Shakespear language to make sure that all of us understand what we exchange here by the way :wink:

Tks I’ll give a try but it may not fixe the issue of the avionics that turn off in the midlle of the flight, won’t it?

No, unfortunately that is to do with the AI planes. You can try setting both Generic Plane options to ON in the Graphics settings, but that didn’t completely fix it for me. I think you would need to turn off all other traffic.

I have those options on OFF. So it should be ON if I understand correctly, right? I’m lauching MFS2020 after having reinstalled the bird to see how it goes

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Good to know thank you! I’ll give a try now! Turn off all other traffic you mean the real-live-traffic as well I guess? So no traffic at all in fact like a single pilot alone in the MFS2020 skies? :cold_face:

Yeah, I think so, I can’t guarantee it will work, but if AI planes are the cause then if there are no AI planes you shouldn’t have the problem!

EDIT: or just stay away from large airports, as you’re more likely to encounter the problem there.

Tks for the info, it’s kind of pretty restrictions but I try… hoepfully they will fix asap! It’s tough!

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Thank you guys for your advices! I switched to Generic Plane options to ON and the avionics bug disappeared, I’ve been able to finish my 1h16 flight for the first time! Sounds good! Tks!
Happy Flyings!


Carenado update in the marketplace

Glad to hear it, and looking at the patch notes for the new update, this issue is marked as fixed.


Indeed I was just reading it! Sounds good, the guys are responsive! :wink:

I just did a 2h30 flight by night England to Scotland, nice trip with the Mooney, accurate live-weather, turb in final to the touch down, smooth fps, very immersive, very enjoyable!

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I don’t see an update to the carenado planes

Can confirm my Mooney updated in the Marketplace. Will try the generic plane workaround for the avionics bug and report back on my own results.

This bug (poltergeist bug) seriously needs fixing.

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I currently have version 1.1.1. It tells me I’m up to date. What version is supposed to now be available? Where can you find the patch notes?

That is the latest.

Thanks… was surprised since the last patch was not that long ago.

Where can you find patch notes? The “Version History” has nothing. I’ve been to the Carenado support site as well… can’t find anything there either.

I’ve not seen them either, at least not in the sim. They did fix a few things:

Default views are now better.
VOR receiver now works with just NAV2 tuned. Before both NAV1, and NAV2 needed to be tuned to the same frequency.
AP NAV mode no longer zig-zags along the course.

Did they make the cold start more realistic in the update? I finally managed to update it but had issues starting it cold, every time i put the mixture to full the engine just stopped, power was also at a minimum with throttle at full as well, the only way to start it is everything at full except throttle at 30% and when you start the the engine go full throttle after 2 seconds.