Mooney M20R Basic Information

Hi. You have to manually delete a carenado folder in MFS2020\Official\Steam. After that you can download the product again. Try also restart the game.

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Ok I will delete Carenedo folder for the Mooney itself or the entire folder I have the kitfox also as add-ons. Then I’ll restart Thanks

I reported the update problem at both Carenado and Asobo. We will see.


I flew the Mooney yesterday on Vatsim and still had the transponder issue. Only able to Squawk VFR. Other than that, I pushed and pulled every switch in the cockpit and never got a CTD, which I’m thankful for, finally.

@NezHaut, I can’t find any XMLs in the folder:


There is only a panel.cfg and four subfolders with bitmaps.

I have the MS digital download version installed on a custom location.

Thanks for bringing this to attention. Will inquire and provide feedback to the team.



@WHISKYTANGO208, I can set any values on the transponder at least visually. I am preparing for IVAO, thus installed Altitude IVAO client. It shows when I change COM, but does not reflect the transponder code change. Is this you problem also?

Tried all these remedies and downloaded new version except no change still requiring 1.11.6.
I have 1.11.7 ! One day all will be well but not yet.

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I can’t find this file at all…oh well.

I’ve the same problem. installed but Mooney update requires 1.11.6. :frowning_face:

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It appears to be another case of pushing something out the door without testing it first.


think it is as @hobanagerik mentioned… a little tiny “>=” issue :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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As a friendly public service to those getting back in the Mooney for the first time in a while, before coming here in a fury to rant about yet another crash, remember to close the side window before taking off :-/


Update: We checked with the Marketplace team and what you are currently reading is a bug we have noted. There is an update for some 3rd party content coming out today but isn’t out quite yet (final testing at the moment), so the the messaging is incorrect. When the update is out and we make them publicly available, this confusing messaging will go away.


Seems to me the messaging is correct then. At least what I saw was correct. It said it requires an update. Check. The messaging is not confusing. What was confusing was that there was no mention of an update being needed or when it would be coming. So our only guess was that we would need the Dec 23 update, since no mention of a hotfix coming was mentioned anywhere that I know of.

It’s heartening to know that some testing was done that uncovered some other issues and that action was taken to fix those issues. I have no issue waiting for said update. Given the discussion going on here, a little communication to the board would have been nice before the update was posted, but, thank you for letting us know. :slight_smile:

This happened before and it should update at the next big update.

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I got Version and now I am lost :partying_face:

Please read above.

In English… try later all will be OK? :slight_smile: