Mooney M20R Basic Information


but from that last picture looks like they sitting in some UL not Mooney…

Nice plane, and nice is with steam gauges, but I have the FS9, FSX-P3D and X-plane versions, I expected the G1000… Works well in MSFS.

Autopilot-NAV oscillations have been self corrected after some minutes of flight in my case. ???
This proberm appeared in a phase of alpha testing and was solved.

Flight has been recorded

Surprisingly good for a first release from Carenado. Flys nicely and ground handling is good (purists might say too good).
No avionics problems but getting the GPS track hunting, however, there are enough navaids to use instead of the GPS.
It has exactly the number of engine control levers that I would expect to find in a single-engine piston aircraft of this vintage.
Someone in the aircraft in the hanger - call the pedantry police!


Adding to the bad:

  1. The GNS530 has multiple bugs. Setting and flying an approach (ILS or RNAV) is unworkable. On the same plane in XP11, the GNS530 is far better. Perhaps it is because the Mooney is using the defective default MS2020 GNS530. It does not work with the AP in approaches.
  2. The engine sound on most power settings is excessively irritating (too booming). In XP11, the same plane has a noise cancelling click point on the headset. Here it does not.

I like this aircraft. I have not experienced the problem with avionics, it has worked perfectly fine for me.

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so after some brief testing, if you have dev mode on - the avionics work fine, if you turn dev mode off - it fails after a cold & dark start ( at least )

without dev mode ( when avionics failed ) I noticed the annunciator for prop deice was on… in dev mode, it’s not on… IDK if that has anything to do with anything…

however, after the patch, running dev mode prevents logging flight hours.

Thanks for the info. I really want an Ovation for this sim, but I use the AFM in XP so I have a feeling that I might be disappointed with this one. I think I’ll wait a bit and see if some else is going to do one.

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final post :stuck_out_tongue:

after two more flights with dev mode off - the avionics did not fail ( unlike the previous time )
the only thing I could figure is that i was more vigilant with the Honeycomb physical switch settings before loading the flight. I tried one with cold & dark and one trip back with starting on the runway. Neither time the avionics failed. so… ?

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The Mooney has credited flight hours for me.

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After 1 38 minute flight I note that;

  1. Avionics work intermittently for me and have shut down in mid flight, somehow I started them back up but I’m not sure how,

  2. Trim is much more sensitive than in other default prop planes I have used, perhaps this is why the Auto Pilot gyration happens?

  3. Once properly trimmed, the plane flies like it’s on AP, I can let go of the joystick for long periods without making corrections. Default aircraft always seem to need a bit of correction, sadly I have never flown a real plane, but I’m assuming the default scenario is more realistic?

  4. it seems the plane’s pitch , and climb rate is less sensitive than other GA planes to speed, meaning I don’t need to fuss with elevator trim as much when landing or at top of climb. Like the above comment, the plane seems too stable in hand controlled flight, but again, my only experience is on flight sims not real life.

  5. for $38 (CDN) I am TRULY disappointed that there is no checklist, I could not figure out how to start the engine from cold and dark.

Despite the above, I LOVE this plane it’s pretty, it’s fast and it’s got steam gauges hopefully some fixes will be on the way. Like all bugs in MSFS, i use a failure to determine whether to “declare” an emergency and land at the nearest airport, or keep on going and try to fix the issue. Now I am off to fly the Mooney to the Shetland islands, will add more comments if I find other things worthy of comment.

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Does the EGT gauge (on the far right, with the yellow bars) actually work and display different EGT per cylinder?

I think @ZeraKnight might be interested in the details to get the EGT display to work in the G1000.

The EGT and CHT gauges are not per-cylinder.

i cant find, external lights,

Above your head

Looks like per cylinder to me:

It does scroll through the cylinder temps, weather its faked or real I couldn’t say.

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I stand corrected! I was talking about the EGT and CHT steam gauges.

You can find the checklists in the aircrafts folder in your main MSFS folder.

They mean in sim interactive checklists, from the inflight menu bar.

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yeah, that turned out to be a Dev Mode issue that only showed up after I installed the Mooney.