Mooney Ovation Boost Pump

Does anyone with the Carenado Mooney know what / if there is an appropriate key bind to map for turning the boost pump on and off? I’ve tried all the ones that would seem to make sense, but can’t successfully get it to bind.

My computer’s off right now, but it’s something like either SET or TOGGLE ELEC PUMP 1. You won’t see the switch toggle, but you can hear the pump.

Yup that’s it. The pump turns on, but the switch doesn’t actually toggle. Interesting. Thank you!

If you use fsuipc7 7.1 you can get this to work via a lua script manipulating the larger which you find done under the wasm section-there may be another way, but this is what I use.

Oh, I didn’t know they implemented Lua. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll get on it. :slight_smile:

The real question is:
Is there any point in activating the fuel pumps in any aircraft in msfs at all other than listening to the pump whine or for the sake of checklists?
I never noticed any difference in any plane.

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That’s true. You can start the Mooney without flipping on the pump. However, some people like to follow normal procedures, ergo…

As an aside, many study-level aircraft will require adherence to procedure.

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I like to follow procedures as well, but I also like to view the side effects of not following the procedures, unfortunately that’s not the case so far.
Same goes for carb. heat, I’d really like to have it functional :wink:
Ah, the joys of an engine dying with moisture, we need that.

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