More AI traffic at least ..please!

Boring times. Fly without anyone in the air. Real traffic … no one. Traffic AI, even with adjustments at 100%, as in FSX, poor … without anyone. Empty skies. Horribly sad.


Where were you flying? It if shows up on FlightAware, you should see it in FS a few minutes later.

yeah im the same - havent seen a single aircraft in the sky. Im sure its a bug that needs to be fixed thats all.


I see some but very few compring to flightradar

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hmmm… I was flying around the other night in southern Ontario in the game, had multiplayer and live traffic on and their must have been about 7-8 aircraft in the skies. Again this was about 2 AM local time. Perhaps you might not see them as they are further away. You can always turn the tags on for aircraft and they will be labelled as you fly around.

I have the labels
At this time in klax there sre ablut 10 planes landing and taking off
I just see 2

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I just flew from Heathrow to Heathrow. 30 minutes. "AI offline ON - traffic density 100% - labels ON. There were 500 airliners landed. Not even single one in the air. All stopped. Deads. Terrible. Much worse than FSX.

Perhaps the idea is to sell a new one traffic generator add-on. Have you seen that before? Worse is now this will be made by a commercial partner in the “FS market store”. I hope not.

Vanilla AI will never be good, and Asobo shouldn’t focus on adding in more or better vanilla AI, just adding in mechanics to make it overall better, and make it easy to add in third party AI.

I agree with you but …this :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: is too much. Even a single plane flying would be a problem? Ridiculous. :imp:

Back to the FSX!!! Who knows. 34 years from now this will be good too.

Offline ai is not working now only live traffic , but even live traffic need to have more plane especially on big aiports if you compare with flightaware. Anyway too many bug with the ai traffic at the moment and on the last insider update it shows they are working so maybe on next big update


The thing is so bad in terms of offline AI traffic that the only airliner that I have seen took off without the tower’s authorization. :smile: :rofl: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I am so sorry about that. I hope this improves asap. It is very very very annoying to fly in an empty sky. Only beautiful landscapes was not the really simmers was expecting of FS20. Until that happens I will be back to the old and ugly but good FSX. 34 years of experience.

This might be a little late but under the traffic setting in General there are sliders to change the density of air traffic for both airliners as well as GA aircraft. Initially I thought there were barely any aircraft as well but I adjusted the sliders up to about 70% or so and saw a lot of improvement in AI traffic density (for Offline AI mode) so that may help. There’s also a slider in that same place to increase the amount of aircraft you see parked at airports which helps with immersion. Hope this helps.

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Sometimes changing server or loading the Live Activity Screen for different airports before starting flight can kick start Live traffic. But the problem is that the traffic in the air looks awful, like bright red och green dots flying around. Dont know how they managed to make the AI-aircraft lights so bad, when light is where this simulator really shines. And when the aircrafts fly around they seem to fly like crazy because you repeatedly hear ATC telling aircrafts they are 20 000 feet to high… No wonder you almost never see any planes land.

I have sent several reports to Zendesk about these problems and hope more of you guys do. For me ATC and AI-traffic is a very important part of the experience and I hope that all the issues will be sorted. I have had one successfull IFR flight so far where I got really impressed by the ATC, with correct vectors for the STAR. Previous default ATC in FSX and P3D couldnt do that. So there is hope for something better.

But the few AI traffic didnt ever make it to touch down haha

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I see real world traffic at Salt Lake City but they disappear from the runway after landing. Was expecting a taxi to the gate. May try generated ai instead.

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Same problem in Salt Lake City right a few moments ago. Planes disappearing as soon as they land and all gates are empty. Just a few props stopped at parking spots

I have only seen a few in the US.

The real world traffic comes from FlightAware. I have my Foreflight connected to FlightAware and can see any of the aircraft that flight aware broadcasts. However, they will not appear on Foreflight until they are in the air and when they land Foreflight drops them. So I assume The same thing occurs in MSFS.