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Hello! I am creating this feature request regarding callsign fonts in FS2020. As you know, currently, you are limited to one single font for lets say the A320neo. My wish is that you’d be able to select a callsign font from a list to use for your flight.

Sometimes, this can benefit the realism like if a certain livery uses another font.

Some options i’d imagine could be added are to change the text style to be bold or italic. Thank you for your time for reading this, happy flying :slight_smile:

You mean callsign for ATC or the aircraft registration tail-number?

Physical aircraft tail number.

You already can in the aircarft.cfg file

Both Font Color, and Font Type

atc_id_color = “” ; color for the tail number : i.e. “#ffff00ff
atc_id_font = “” ; font for the tail number

assuming you have access to aircraft.cfg !!! :wink:

Note: I have NOT personally tried changing them from the default, so I am not 100% sure that editing these two parameters in aircraft.cfg will actually change anything.

I any case, in MP, only you will see your own Tail Number, in whatever font & color you choose, everyone else in MP does not see your Tail Number on your plane.

( Shame we live in a world where a few Lurid individuals can ruin it for the rest of us !! )

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Really? I’ll check it out!

I just tried it – did not work for me, maybe it was something carried over from FSX, that was never implemented in 2020 ??

Bug or Missing (misleading) Feature ?? Your Choice :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I tried too and it did not work. +1 vote.

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And that NOT working, is about the least important thing in MSFS that needs to be fixed, – right after “Press any Key to Continue” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Agreed, this would be more of a side project then anything.

I have the Longitude mod and I found out where to change the color of the font, but not the actual font itself. Look for the PANEL.CFG file (it will be in different locations based on your setup and what plane you want to change).

THIS IS NOT GUARANTEED TO WORK! It worked for me with this specific livery (the ‘Modern’ Longitude):

size_mm = 2048,512
texture = RegistrationNumber
location = exterior
painting00=Registration/Registration.html?font_color=white, 0, 0, 2048, 512

Where you see ‘white’ above, it was ‘black’ before and was hard to see. I changed that to ‘white’ and it actually did work.

Good luck, and as always, don’t forget to backup your file(s).

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This would mean the changes are done on the aircraft level. Sometimes we want it done on the livery level without changing the default aircraft. Becomes some liveries need white registration number, some requires black.

But then again, what would happen to the registration number under the wing? Will it turn to white as well?

7.3 N-Number Legibility.The N-number is required to be legible and written in Capital Roman style letters without any ornamentation.
You may use shading or a border only if it makes the number more legible.

Use the following guidelines:
7.3.1 Make sure the color contrasts sufficiently with the color of the fuselage to make it easy to read. Be especially careful when the background is highly decorated, as in checkering. Consider applying the requirements of 14 CFR 23.811(c)(7)(ii) or 14CFR25.811(f)(2),

Emergency exit marking, as a test of whether the color of the N-number contrasts sufficiently with the background.

7.3.2 Check the reflectance of external markings. Using electro-optical instruments or photometer card sets is an acceptable means of verifying reflectance, but these instruments are not required to establish reflectance.
The FAA considers a 12-inch number legible if you can read it from 500 feet away, in a horizontal line, and perpendicular to the side of the aircraft during daylight hours, without using an optical aid such as binoculars.

7.3.3 If you question whether an N-number is legible,because of either color or reflectance, check with your local FAA inspector.


Wonder why this old thread just got opened again … but while closed, a number of things have come to light, wrt Tail Number.

On of those things is Carenado’s tendency to overwrite the base registration.js, by leaving a old copy of registration.js in their plane folders, even after they have made, and are using their over differently named registration.js.

What devs should be doing, if they really want a different registration.js for their planes, is to name it something unique, (ie Registration_172_X.js), and ref that js file in their configuration.

Doing a search for rogue registration.js files on your PC, will reveal the culprits !!

Maybe by now, or soon, they (typically Carenado & Microsoft) will cease including the rogue modified copy with their planes , still named as registration.js

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Hello @Blitz2767, thank you for your request!
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