More candid insight from Aerosoft's project manager on MSFS, the CRJ, the SDK and the add-on market

Or they have no control over the release date and feared all this hype over an imminent release would hurt them if it takes longer than expected.

As I see it, the project seems to be almost ready, but still missing things they think it’s important to have on the v1.0 of it. And those things seem to be out of their control.

They probably had a meeting and decided it would be better not to share too much as people were getting the wrong signs (hyping up an imminent release, like I said above). Good or bad decision?! We will see.

I am happy they don`t rush for the release

What’s for sure, today is christmas and the guys at Aerosoft are celebrating with their families and hopefully enjoying their day. Let’s not give them a negative feeling im their forums today, they don’t deserve that.

Mathijs wrote, that the update looks good. The update fixed much AP bugs and added other features like proper direct to’s etc… I think, that was the part that did hold them back from releasing the aircraft.

I am pretty sure, we will all fly the CRJ pretty soon and some patience will make this experience much more exciting.

Happy Christmas at all!


All said.

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Don’t mean to be impatient but I am xD. Any development updates?

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Just made a new topic since marketing curbed the “candid insight”

WOW … from complete hype … to complete silence :frowning:

Meh it’s the holidays. it’ll be out soon and I’d rather everything work properly then it be rushed

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Indeed. No news doesn’t have to be bad news.

Go to Aerosoft’s forum for it.
Lots of posts there on it.
Here’s a link:

In Aerosoft’s CRJ sub forum, there’s a “beta” channel that didn’t use to be there a week or so ago.

I’m pretty sure the release is fairly soon.

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In the last days I started getting more interested in the CRJ, so I read a lot about it. I still have one big question mark in my head. Will the AIRAC of the FMC be linked to the core sim, so that we always get the latest AIRAC cycle in the CRJ?

If the MSFS CRJ is like the P3D version, it will probably come with its own AIRAC database that is independent of the sim.

With new aircraft releases, Aerosoft usually supplies a free copy of their own NavDataPro AIRAC specific to the aircraft, which would normally be the cycle current for the release date. If you wanted to keep it current once the initial AIRAC expires, you would have to subscribe either to NavDataPro (from Aerosoft), or Navigraph who (I assume) will make a database for the MSFS CRJ, since they already have a compatible one for the existing P3D version.

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If the MSFS CRJ EFB is as well functioned as I understand the one in the P3D CRJ, then it should allow charts to be viewed, whether from Aerosoft or from Navigraph.

If so, this would be especially useful for VR pilots.

I think, due to SDK limitations it is not possible yet, but planned for the future.

Ah, then it looks like my wait for a suitable aircraft for me to fly in Vatsim might have to go on a little longer.

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As an old guy that has been both a controller and pilot on VATSIM there is nothing stopping anyone from flying on VATSIM in the sim’s current state. Heck, you can fly the C152 VFR or IFR on VATSIM no problem. File the appropriate flight plan and if necessary use downloaded or paper (Oh no!) charts. You might have to learn how to track radials, hold a heading, use ADF like countless before us. You will have to plan and execute your own descents. Just communicate with ATC the equipment you have and your capabilities - they will work with you. BTW the Flybywire A320 Mod will give you many of the necessary capabilities.


In VR, using charts is perhaps not as easy as when using a monitor, hence the benefit of an EFB with that function.

It’d be even better if it also recorded taxi clearance routes. :slight_smile:

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I didn’t think of the VR complications. Another sign I’m an old guy. :nerd_face:

I’m getting on a bit too, hence the need for some help with remembering taxi routes. :slight_smile: