More content = More clutter

MSFS menus/UI need lots of work. The grid layout aircraft selection screen was a super welcome addition to help streamline the UI experience after the addition of tons of content, which is also always appreciated.

However, by this stage, all the new content is re-cluttering the cleaned-up UI. I understand that “float” and “ski” models are handled as individual planes because of the different physics etc, and i understand that all the Reno planes are individuals as well, but why do we need 40 extra slots occupied by what essentially boils down to 4 planes? Just add one category per class and put all the individual models within the class category instead of unloading dozens of models to have to scroll through. Before any third party add-ons, there are currently 90+ models in the premium deluxe version to have to scroll through.

Same goes for the previously-referenced Xcub and 172 models. We don’t need 6 individual 172 categories, just categorize them all as a general Cessna 172 category and then make sub-menus to select individual models/avionics/liveries. It takes 23 scrolls of the mousewheel to go from top to bottom of the Aircraft Selection screen ATM. Many 3rd party devs have the good sense to do something similar with their variations, grouping tundra/float models together in the same sub-menu rather than as individual models.

So, let’s tidy this up a little.


Agreed sub menus would help a lot. It’s a very clunky system at present.

I’d love an option to have a folder for “favorite” planes so I don’t have to search through 100 planes in the selection screen. I can just grab the 3-4 I fly most often.

There’s already a very similar option in the marketplace where after you “heart” an item it appears in a wishlist. Can’t imagine it would be difficult to implement a similar system in the aircraft selection menu.


I agree, the UI does need some work, i’m sure the guy’s will get to it eventually, but like others have said, it’s very clunky!

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